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RV Tire Safety: Videos from Goodyear worth watching

By Roger Marble
I strongly recommend every RV owner watch these four videos from Goodyear. They cover: Tire sizing; Tire storage, cleaning and removal; Tire wear, care and wheel alignment; and Tire pressure.

NOTE: If you have problems running the videos you can try using VLC Video Player. Download it for free HERE. [Note from editor: On Roger’s recommendation, I installed the VLC Video Player and it works great. —Diane]

While they focus on RV applications, the information can still be informative and educational for anyone that owns a vehicle that has tires. Watching these will also give you a break from my run-on sentences in my sometimes over-detailed posts.

P.S. I know Tim Miller, the Goodyear Engineer in the video. While I never worked directly with Tim, we did share some knowledge about tires in RV applications.

Have a tire question? Ask Roger on his new RV Tires Forum here. It’s hosted by and moderated by Roger. He’ll be happy to help you.

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6 months ago

Not much useful information. After annoyingly having to download and play manually in VLC, they did play ok, only to prove I wasted 20 minutes doing so.

Note: the 25 sec intro was annoying and boring the first time. Video makers need to limit their intro to a 3 sec splash screen!

Lastly, tell Tim to loose the service advisor smock! It doesn’t fit him and looks stoopid! Looks like he is getting ready for fingerpainting in pre-school.

Joe Goomba
6 months ago
Reply to  TIM MCRAE

Someone call the whaabulance, Tim’s having a whine attack.

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