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James S.

Hey Chuck I always enjoyed reading daily and Saturday’s RV travel but for some reason they just stop

Clay Causey

Chuck and RV Staff, I’ve been a weekly/daily reader for years a throughly enjoy the newsletter. New format is attractive and takes getting used to but as a senior I find challenges daily. :). I also had trouble with the wheel so many thanks for the comment and help in that direction. Congratulations again on RV Travel.Com and the many years of information and enjoyment you and staff provide the readers. I look forward to every Saturday morning!

Tom Boyte

Hi Chuck,
I tried to chime in on the “does anyone read books anymore” question but was unable to do so since I apparently don’t have a URL whatever that is. It would be nice if we could just post with our e-mail address. Believe it or not there are people like me who don’t do, Facebook, Twitter, who don’t text and all that other electronic nonsense. Heck, I don’t even own a cell phone and plan to keep it that way. And Yes. I DO read books.
Thanks for listening. I like the new site very much.

Richard Barker

I am still getting used to the new format, but I will get it all figured out. I tried to do the ‘Spin and Win’ contest, but could not find where to click to register my vote. I actually watched it three times and still could not find where to click the address. Is anyone else having the same problem?
Item number 2. About three weeks ago I sent, by snail mail an article I had written about “Another Way to Newfoundland and Labrador’ that we used last summer, 2015. I did not know if you ever received it. I have found that very few RVers are familiar with the route that I feel is a really good alternate to the long ferry trips an you see some great country, interesting towns and interesting historical things.
Of course if you do not find that it is something you can include in the newsletter, that is fine, I just wanted to at least try writing it.
If you did not ever receive it, let me know and I will re-send it.
Thanks for the always great newsletter.

Dennis Johnson

Definitely like the new format and magazine, I know there are a lot of advertisements, but it comes with being able to get more information in the magazine also (at not cost).

Thanks for all the work,
Dennis Johnson

Barbara Spade

The new format is nice but takes some getting used to. I miss the survey!

Wayne and Diane English

Chuck, my wife and I both love the new format!! Keep up the great work! We just got into the RV life again post kids and your site has been a welth of info.

John Henderson

If you want more voluntary subscriptions, add credit cards along with PayPal. I for one will never use PayPal, and I’m probably not the only one.

As far as advertising, ads are good. They inform us about new products as well as remind us about old products. Maybe in the future you’ll be able to decrease the amount of ads, but for now, I’m glad to sees them.

Joe A.

One comment about your new web page. Too many ads, not enough good information.

Dan M

Really like the new format. sure do appreciate all the work you and your staff due preparing the newsletters.

Sue & Joe Schmidt in scenic San Diego

My wife and I are reeeeeeally enjoying the new RV Travel newsletter format. It not only looks fantastic, it navigates extremely smoothly. ‘Great job!!!


I am so with you on the outdoor tv situation. I am a snowbird with a DP.. I cringe when a new neighbour has an out door tv.. they think they are so cool to have an outdoor tv..and I think they like showing it off and they also want the neighbourhod to know they are watching it… IAlso the people are mostly deaf and have it so loud. So I say to people out there… we dont want to hear your tv. Please. what ever happened to the two foot this is my space rule… we dont want to hear you… and you dont want to hear me

Joy Martinez

Chuck, you mentioned outdoor T.V.’s on RVs which is a very sensitive subject to me since just a couple of days ago we experienced someone sitting outside his RV running his T.V. and stereo music extremely loud till 12:00 at night. I was ready to call security to get him to shut it off. I did notice that he lowered it somewhat, someone must have complained, but the boom, boom can still be heard. I hate to approach anyone these days the way the world has become so inconsiderate of others and will not hesitate to fight you for just bringing the subject up. So, I now can relate to your concerns.

Gordon Brewer

When will the survey question come back?


We have read your newsletter for many years and learned lots of good things that were shared with us. We look forward to it every week and have passed the site on to all our newby friends.
One comment about “Almost Breaking News”: In Rhode Island everything is close by, however Exeter is located more in the Central/Southern part of the state and the George Washington Memorial Camping area is located in Gloucester, which is in the Northern/Western part of the state.