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There will always be people like Stanley that want something for nothing.
Of course Chuck has bills to pay.
I don’t see you donating to his site to keep the ads down.
Maybe whine somewhere else.

Mike Buchanan

I have been reading this Newsletter for several years now. I make a point of not reading until Sunday morning which I read while drinking my pot of Sunday coffee.
Now a retired full time Rver I can take my time. It’s one little ritual that I look forward to every week. Despite the time I have enjoyed reading it, there is never a week go by that I didn’t learn something or just plain enjoy reading Chucks comments. Many of which I can absolutely relate to..
To the person who claims to rarely read anything interesting, you must lead an exceptional exciting life or know everything with no room to broaden your outlook in life. I don’t envy you at all.
For the rest of us, please keep what you are doing Chuck, I would greatly miss my Sunday morning ritual.
Thanks for your efforts always.

Doug Stemper

I have a great awning experience! I am a huge bluegrass music fan. When we arrived at the campground my buddy there told me he had 2 surprises for me. One, he had a bottle of favorite whiskey to share. The second, the guy across the road plays banjo for a regionally famous band and will come play later on. Well, after playing in a concert locally that Friday night, he was a bit tired, so he took a break. But, Saturday…wow, he came over and played solo for a couple hours. He knew every song I could think of and a few more! We have been friends ever since.

Thomas Kainz

I find plenty to read about in this newsletter. I look forward every week to it.
Just want to know what happened to your give away. I did win the hand cranked radio but still like looking in the box. Keep on writing I’ll keep on reading.


I’ve read the newsletter for a few years, always optimistic that I’ll see something worthwhile. There is rarely anything interesting here, and the big problem is the overwhelming number of ads! I’m loosing interest, but I won’t give up just yet. I did comment once, with no response.


I loved the awning point Chuck. You’re right.


Hopefully – all the people sitting under their awnings have read the owner’s manual from the manufacturer and know to bring their awnings in when not using them or when they leave the RV. We read our manual and saw the part where they say never leave the awning unattended. But we saw that so many people have set up their awnings as permanent room extensions so we did too. We had it all nicely shaded with a drop-down shade and all – tied to the ground. Then a gust of wind came up and bent our metal supports and ruined the awning. One of our neighbors awnings blew over their roof as the awning tore loose from the side of their RV. Never ever leave your awing out and unattended.