1. RV Electric dump valves: I do like the idea of the electric dump valves but I think they should be designed with a manual dump option. If you loose power for some reason, you should still be able to dump your tanks if need be. I’m of the opinion, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Therefore I will forgo installing these unless/until such time as a manual override is available on them.

  2. Like a lot of the comments, I would not recommend the Drain Master. For the simple reason, an electrically operated valve is just something else that can go wrong and cost more to fix when it does. Keep it simple as much as possible is usually always the better way to go.

  3. Does it work on 5th wheels. I have 1 black tank and 2 gray tanks. I don’t see a 3 switch plate on Drain Masters website.

  4. Drain Master: After looking at their website I’m pretty unimpressed. For about 500$ you get to parts for and automatic opening valve system. Big deal! Opening the waste valves is a pretty small part of dumping your waste tanks.

    Chuck, while I have really enjoyed your writing over the years, I find your write-up of DrainMaster to be unlike you. It’s not a fare assessment of an RV device. It a blatant shill for the company.

    • Tom, I’ve known Doug at Drainmaster for at least a dozen years. My friend Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, is a huge fan of his products as are my other RV tech friends. His sewer hoses, which, yes, are more expensive than others, are far superior — not even close. Two friends of mine have installed Doug’s system in their coaches and are totally satisfied.

      I will be writing a lot more about waste management in the weeks ahead, not necessarily in the newsletter. How can you possibly say I am a shrill for the company based on one look at the Drainmaster website?

  5. I read with horror the attack by the mad dog attorneys at Forest Rivers’s high powered law firm. This is a classic example of kill the messenger. All you did was to report facts without editorial comments. If Forest River cannot deal with the facts, that’s their problem not yours. After reading this attack on our beloved little RV newsletter, my opinion of Forest River has fallen from positive to very negative.

    Since 1968 I have owned 14 RVs, from small to fairly large, and back to small. Four of these were Forest River products. In 2011, I purchased a new Surveyor travel trailer. Shortly after purchase I received a recall concerning the labels being in error. This was followed by a letter from Forest River stating that corrected labels would be mailed. In the five years I owned the trailer, I received two or three additional recalls concerning the same issue, but I never did receive the corrected labels. If Forest River had complied with the initial notice, the subsequent recall notices probably would not have been necessary. Forrest River should clean up their own mess before they attack people for reporting on it.

    I now own a 2016 r-Pod, and have been fairly pleased with it. At 81, it’s all I can and want to handle. However, positive comments concerning Forest River will no longer be sheared with fellow RVers. Shame on the management of Forest River.

  6. I hope you have a better experience with your Drain Master valves than I and everyone I know has had with them in the past. They worked great to start with but required so much maintenance (cleaning, lubing, adjusting) that we all junked them after the first year. You never knew it they would open or not. I look forward to a longer-term use report from you.

    • 10-4 on the Drain master electric valves! Ours never worked for more than 5 uses. Our 5th wheel spent a lot of time in the shop with no acceptable fix. I finally paid to have hand pulls placed on our three holding tanks. I spoke with Drain Master direct and two repair facilities without an acceptable fix. I am into hand pulls and co-pay on extended warranty over $2 grand not to mention the time and hassle. I hope Chuck has better luck!

      • Ed,
        Two thousand dollars to replace a defective valve? Did I read that right? I’m not even handy and I replaced a valve once for about $20. I don’t believe Doug at Drainmaster would have ever stood by without making good on whatever problem you had with the valve.

    • We have had the Drain Master valves for about 3 months. We are fulltimers. We love the valves especially the DW. Yes it was not that hard to dump the tanks but now it is so much more convenient. Now the wife can close the grey tank when the black tank is getting high. It always seemed to need closing when it was late at night and either raining or cold. I still go out and flush the black tank but there are those occasions when we just push the buttons.
      I love them, have had no problems and paid for them out of my own pocket with no affiliation to the company.

      • Good morning Jim,
        Thank you for your comments regarding our valves. We have been building and improving the valve over the past 15 years and while a few customers have had issues with past units, we have worked very hard to eliminate mechanical and electrical issues as we are made aware of a potential weakness. Today our valves are extremely reliable IF they are installed and used properly. Wayne’s issue with Blue seals was resolved by changing the materiel and adding Graphite to the seals themselves, about 14 years ago. We have made quite a few changes to improve performance over the years and have always tried our best to resolve issues brought to our attention in a fair and equitable way.. Our 800 number is on every valve we have ever sold and we encourage our customers to contact us.
        Our goal is to make dumping your holding tanks Uneventful, Sanitary and Environmentally friendly.

    • Hi Dave,
      We do not have a 3 switch panel currently however we do have a single swith which you can use in line for your 3 tanks or you could use the 2 switch panel and a single switch for the third tank. More information iis available on our web site http://www.drainmaster.com and you can call us at 877 787 8833 Toll Free.
      Best Regards,

    • Hi Wayne,
      I will check on Monday morning to see if you are in our customer database so I can better understand your situation. Please email me directly doug@drainmaster.com with your contact information. Lots of questions beginning with who installed the valves the OEM or a dealer etc. We do stand behind our products and work hard to resolve issues customers experience. I look forward to hearing from you .

      • While I owned that RV, you and your company were very helpful in providing advice, replacement blue gaskets, and even a complete replacement unit for my Drainmaster valves. Still, they would be stuck open, stuck closed, leaking, or stripped gears. Before I sold that vehicle, I disassembled, cleaned and lubed one valve, and bought another new one so they would operate for the new owner. Four months later I helped him replace the Drainmasters with manual valves.

    • I too had the valves. I had trouble with them either not closing or not opening. I would take them apart and grease them and they would work fine until the grease wash away. I even tried leaving the hardware just barely tighten to the point of leakage. I finally concluded the valves would stick to the rubber seals and the motors were not powerful enough to break them loose. I finally decided to junk them and I went to an air operated valve. Since I had air horns on my motorhome I decided to go this route. I did have to do a little more wiring with the electric air valves and plumbing the air lines. At first I loved the motorized valves, but when they would start sticking I quickly got fed up with them. I have had no problem with the air valves I installed. Oh yes I forgot, I did have to replace all of my sewer pipes to use the air valves. The reason, the valves had to be cemented in and once done the system could not be take apart. I found some screw together pipe unions that could be taken apart if need be. If you go this route you had better be handy because it will cost you a fortune to have a repair shop to install.

  7. Just watched the video: Don’t confuse RV light bulbs with brake bulbs, we found our new Keystone Sprinter travel trailer lights over the dinning table were factory installed 1156 light bulbs (taillight bulbs) the whole light housing was very hot by the time dinner was finished, all the bulbs were changed out to led bulbs that I learned about on one of rvtravel.com videos.
    Just a heads up, the rv manufacturer’s may not know the difference or just don’t care.

  8. More than free camping from BLM — if you hurry!
    The Bureau of Land Management provides plenty of free boondocking opportunities on public land throughout the West. But did you know there’s another freebie that the BLM’s California office provides? It’s a huge, colorful, 12-month “planner.” But supplies are limited, so act now.

    Be careful…ANY indication that you are “living” in California could be cause to pay “Taxes” (i.e. employment, estate, Social Security, License and registration, etc.) within that State. Giving away “Free Planners” could be one way of finding out (more like tracking and proving) that you are “Residing” or “Home Basing” there if you are not careful.

    • Well since you have to fill in your address, in my case Florida, they’d have a real tough time getting CA tax money out of me, and I’m sure if they took it to court, even less of a chance of winning that. Especially the whole angle of the federal govt (BLM), helping to gin-up state taxes.

  9. We had a Georgetown a few years ago and it fell apart going down the road. Every time we stopped I had to repair stuff. One day the bed slide went out and the frame around it was still sitting there. Every drawer had broken and had to be rebuilt. The last straw was the dinnett drawer came out and broke fell on my foot broke my toe and hurt my foot and I said sell it for what you can get piece of trash but looked beautiful inside! A friend bought a brand new Acer and it was always in shop first six months and the dealer told him “Well you bought a cheap entry level motorhome what do you expect for your money!!!” He sold it and quit motorhoming.

  10. Rain deer names. According to clement. moore, donder is a raindeer, not donner. Donner was in the song many years later after ..twas the night before Christmas…Was published. The rest of the raindeer names are the same.

    Bobby moreman.

    • Actually… The original poem was Dunder and Blixem, which was a reference to a Dutch expression. It was then anglocized to Blixen to match the rhyme, then “Germanized” to Blitzen und Donder (incorrect) then finally Donner (correct Thunder in German).

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