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S M Jenkins
4 years ago

I read once again in this newsletter the admonition not to put anything down the RV toilet other than RV toilet paper and organic matter. My question is: What about those who of necessity must occasionally use Tucks for medicinal reasons? Surely with all the baby boomers out there RVing someone can address this issue. Thanks.

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
4 years ago
Reply to  S M Jenkins

No, No, No! Don’t put them in your RV toilet. Just septic-safe toilet paper and organic material. Nothing else.

Read this explanation from Doug Swarts, RV waste management expert at

Rey L.
4 years ago

Thanks. You guys are invaluable.
Merry Christmas, Happy & Safe New Year!

Chuck Stillman
4 years ago

I enjoy reading your RV newsletter every Saturday morning for the last many years. I have learned a lot.
When you get to Arizona I suggest you visit Mc-Cormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale,Arizona. It is a free city park the only cost is if you ride the train. A great place for young and old.

Lynn & June Hudgens
4 years ago

June and I want to wish the entire staff at RVTravel holidays filled with happy times and the peace that regenerates us. We appreciate you and wish you the best.

Ron Story
4 years ago
Reply to  RV Staff

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year with the wheels keep going Round and round?Time never says WOA as we always have places to go anFriends too see an be with.. You an the staff are always Friends at my table?

Robert & Donna Tarsi
4 years ago

Happy and safe Holidays to all at the RV forum and to all its readers. Safe travels to all in 2017.

John Groom
4 years ago

I’ve enjoyed Chuck’s glog and the news letter. Had the same 32H 2012 unit that Chuck now has. It has some quirks like the windshield wiper shaft mounting, toilet that always spattered, converter that would fry your house batteries, chasis battery that needed charging after about 7 days of camping, refer that had a 50 hour defrost cycle built into it, rear jacks that always needed to be wiped down with silicone spay to get them to go up, needed to manually operate jacks for you would end up too high plus the jack system fluid seemed to want to leak from the top of the container, etc. But we loved it in spite of itself.