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Jack in Texas.
3 years ago

I would also like to say thanks to you and your staff for the donation to the relief fund here in the southeastern area of Texas. I had little damage, be assured I am doing what I can to help my displaced fellow Texan.

Billy Bob Thorton
3 years ago

Wondering where the segment is on interesting websites. I enjoyed that part of the newsletter. Chuck?

Rhalene DeGraff
3 years ago

I don’t know if this is the place to post this question. I’ve been reading your newsletter weekly for the past 3-4 years and my question is this and what other fulltimers thoughts are

My husband and I sold our home in San Diego 14 years ago and purchased our present motorhome right after to fulltime. Our travels were cut to a minimum after the first 3 years because of the economy decline and we started workkamping. But now, since my husband was hospitalized 3 different times on our last trip 3 years ago he doesn’t want to travel any longer. He’s 78 and I’m 70. We’ve found that we’re not able to afford an apartment nor a mobilhome but unfortunately don’t want to move from the state because our children are here. Our coach has another 5 years of payments. We’re at a loss as to whether to continue to live in the rig (Class A 40″ 3slides) and how long they will last for comfortable living without slowing falling apart and costing us extravagant amounts of money. Any thoughts from others that have gone through this would be appreciated.

Fred Huling
3 years ago

Chuck, I’ve been a reader for years and a financial contributor. I clicked on a story about Bill O’Riley. It was garbage click bait with claws that refused to release my computer. If you ever put up another piece of crap like this I will never view you again. This was so far below you I hope to believe this just slipped by also it was not even true.

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  Fred Huling

Fred, I have no idea where you found that on our site. None of my staff put it there. We appreciate your contribution very much, but it would be nice of you to ask me about this sort of thing before issuing a threat. It’s possible what you responded to was a Google ad placed on our site based on your interests. Google has a reservoir of a few hundred thousand ads that it places on millions of websites, including ours. We block all ads that our readers find offensive (that they tell us about). I have personally never seen or even heard of the message you saw and responded to. So if you can recall the web address of where you found the offensive ad/message, please let me know and I will gladly block it. We are not a political website and I see no reason why we should be sending our readers to anything about Bill O’Riley, unless he happens to write a book about RVing, which somehow I doubt. — Chuck

3 years ago

This comment is for Emily. I have recently purchased a hot pot. Not an electric one but a stove top one. It is on its way. It looks like a new way of cooking and one which would be perfect for RV travel. I have a stove top pressure cooker which I use several times a week. I purchased the stove top hot pot in hopes of starting a dinner in the morning and letting it cook while we travel as hot pots do not seem to need a power source. I’m hoping the hot pot will save us from running through a fast food place before we stop for the night and end up boon docking. I would propose that for your fist articles you look at different recipes for the hot pot and cooking methods that are more unique to RV lifestyle. As an example I don’t know anybody who uses their propane oven in their RV but I use my microwave and toaster oven daily when on shore power. I recently purchased a hand pull blender chopper and I am enjoying my morning smoothie without using a powered blender. There are a lot more gadgets out there for use in the RV kitchen and recipes tailored to the RV life style.

Emily (@emily)
3 years ago
Reply to  Sherry

Hi Sherry,

Thanks so much for sharing your excitement towards your recent hot pot purchase. I love (love!) hotpot soups and think it’s a very good idea for down-the-road cooking. After you’ve tried your new kitchen gadget out, write me an email at and maybe we’ll feature the recipe you used! We’d love to hear how it works out.

Thanks, Sherry. Take care and happy cooking!


Kurt Shoemaker
3 years ago

I recently had a problem where my slide-out shifted. I checked out a “How to” videos and got my brother-in-law to assist me. First thing we found was that three out of four adjustment bolts were loose on both sides of the slider. In checking the assembly we found there was no lock washer or locking nut used by the manufacturer.
I contacted Forest River by e-mail and a couple days later I get a reply telling me that all RV’s rattle things loose. Owners should go around and check nuts and bolts like they would lug nuts on the wheels.
I understand preventive maintenance and I am always checking this and adjust that but to think owners should have to climb under their RV to check every nut and bolt sounds crazy to me.

C.B. Sheward
3 years ago

After giving it much thought, we need to stop the barking dogs after 8:00 p.m

3 years ago

Should generators be allowed in National Parks? The example given of a surging generator unattended is NOT fair. I never do that. And my Yamaha is pretty quiet- compared to BARKING DOGS. If we want to ban generators them how about proving electrical hookup?

Elaine Jones
3 years ago

Great paper love reading it.lots of good ideas.

Lee Ensminger
3 years ago

Chuck, regarding your poll question:
“Should generators be allowed in National Park campgrounds?”
You needed an additional answer selection. I don’t think ANYONE thinks the example in the video is appropriate in a campground at ANY time. However, a camping-friendly generator like the Honda or Yamaha products can often not be heard more than a few feet away. I would support a rule of only using camping generators but not a total ban of ALL generators. There was no option for a comment on the poll page, so I’m leaving it here.

3 years ago

Will you and “the gang” be anywhere else during the RV show? My husband and I can only get there on Friday, and you don’t have the Locker Room reserved that day.

3 years ago

Is there a list of contact emails somewhere? I’m looking for Mike Sokol’s.

3 years ago

Enjoy the newsletter immensely. Lots of great ideas and info

Norman Burgess
3 years ago

what a great newsletter…. thanks loads

John Goodell
3 years ago

Question: What is “the locker room” at the Hersey RV Show. You keep mentioning it in your newsletter.
I love the newsletter and read it diligently every week. Lots of great tips and useful RV educational columns! It took us from ‘want to RV’ to ‘RV savvy’. After 5 years I still look forward to it every Saturday. Great job!

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  John Goodell

John, the “Locker Room” is a room in the arena, used as a meeting room during special events. In the hockey season, it’s part of the actual locker room of the Hershey Bears hockey team.

Henry Fusco
3 years ago
Reply to  Chuck Woodbury

Chuck Thanks for your donation to Texas relief. I suggest that there be a list of RVers who would be willing to allow displaced persons to use our Rvs for short term done prior to such need. Even here in San Diego in past fires there was evacuation and trouble finding shelter. My hope is that this also helps stop punitive laws regarding RV parking.