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The RVs of readers and how they use them

Issue 67; Posted Dec. 3, 2016

Dave and Clara Inscoe, North Carolina

rv-inscoe-11-5-2016We drive a 2012 Tiffin Phaeton 40 QBH and tow a 2009 Honda CRV. The Phaeton is our third motorhome, having started with a 2008 34-foot Fleetwood Class C in 2010, then a 2006 33-foot National Tropi-Cal, and now what will probably be our last upgrade.

We greatly enjoy the roominess of our 40-foot coach, with its built-in washer and dryer (which Clara never thought she wanted – until she got it). We’ve found our Tiffin to be a good motorhome, but as we always said about the B-52 bomber that I flew when in the Air Force, it’s a “loose formation of nuts and bolts.” A motorhome is the same, and as can be expected with the loose formation of parts, there’s always the opportunity to fix something.

We purchased our first motorhome primarily as a way to take our two grandchildren on a winter adventure to Florida for two weeks in 2010. After looking at the costs to rent, we decided to buy instead. This also coincided with our upcoming retirement, and we thought that the RVing lifestyle might be something we would enjoy in retirement. And we’ve found the RVing lifestyle to be the ultimate way to enjoy retirement.

We travel 4-8 months each year. Our first great adventure was a trip from our home on the coast of North Carolina to the Western U.S. We loved it so much that we stored our motorhome in Albuquerque for two summers and traveled back home in our dinghy, returning to the Western part of our great country for three winters. Our travels have taken us as far west as California, as well as to Nova Scotia and Florida. So far we’ve taken our motorhomes into 42 states. We now spend our winters at the Naval Base in Key West.

Our most recent adventure, from which the picture was taken, was a 7,000-mile, two-month journey in the Western U.S. This picture was taken between Monument Valley and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We were joined again by our two grandchildren for a three-week tour of the magnificent National Parks in Colorado/Arizona/Utah. Their parents joined us for the middle week, so we were doubly blessed. I could write a book on what it meant to have the family together on such a great adventure and, in fact, we did a book from our blog as a Christmas present for them. It was truly an adventure of a lifetime, and one none of us will ever forget.

Pat and Cindy Greise, Omaha, Nebraska

rv-greise-11-9-2016In July of 2015, we upgraded from a 1998 28-foot Jayco bunkhouse with no slides to our 2016 33-foot Jayco bunkhouse with one slide in the living space. This would require fortifying our tow vehicle as well, so we purchased our 2011 Silverado 2500 HD used with 90,000 miles on it. With retirement one year away we needed something a little more spacious for extended camping.

Well, the retirement didn’t happen quite yet but the epic adventure did. With our foster son, Kirayle, looking for colleges between junior and senior year, we decided to check out the West Coast options via the highway. We traveled from the flatlands of Nebraska through Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and into Oregon. We crossed Oregon to Eugene where the college visits started. Kirayle is the greatest kid, and after looking at five colleges on the West Coast, he has chosen to go to college in Missouri. It was a great adventure anyway. Five colleges and 5,775 miles later, the thrill of extended RV life is in our blood!

rv-greise-11-9-2016-palmThe Jayco pulled like a dream over the mountain ranges and provided spacious living at each stop. With reservations made over six months in advance, we camped down the coastline, in the redwoods, and even on the cliff of Jalama Beach, California!

Being new to owning a trailer with a slide, I would like to pass on some wisdom to any newbies: get a power cord extension, as your distance from your power source can affect opening your slide! Fortunately, we had an extension cord. I love to cook and we love to hunt and fish, so I packed 23 days’ worth of deer and fish into the freezer. The freezer and fridge remained in harmony with no frost buildup for the whole trip.

The return from this adventure took us the southern route thru Los Angeles, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. What a big test drive for this Jayco! I have always had a strong allegiance to Jayco and for good reason. We didn’t have even one “what the heck!” from this bunkhouse right off the line. Maybe we didn’t pull it far enough … Alaska here we come!

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