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RV Travel Reader RVs, June 25, 2016


Send a photo of your RV and a 150- to 200-word description of it, how and where you use it, and what you like or don’t like about it, to Diane(at) Be sure to include your name(s) and hometown, or if you’re a full-timer. (These are posted in the order received.)

The RVs of readers and how they use them

Issue 57; Posted June 25, 2016

From Pete and Janet Almasi, Hyde Park, New York

RV-Almasi-6-1-2016We are very new to RVing, only in our second year, so we decided to purchase an older model. It’s a 1995 32-foot Georgie Boy. So far it’s been great fun.

Originally we had to put a few bucks into her to get her to pass inspection and be road worthy. $1,900 for that, then a brake line blew, and we had three new tires and a new portable generator that we installed on a platform hitch. The built-in generator still works, but fumes would come into the cabin so we went portable for when we boondock.

Other than that we love it and plan on purchasing a newer model for retirement in five years.

From Christine Beems, Shirley, Arkansas

RV-Beems-5-28-2016“Sweet Louise” is a 2002 20-foot Great West Van Classic Supreme Elite which became mine in September of 2015. Since then I have road-tripped from my home near the City of Clinton in the Ozark Mountains to nearby Corp of Engineers and City RV parks in Heber Springs, Little Rock, and Maumelle, Arkansas, and also camped in friends’ backyards on a road trip to St. Louis, Missouri.

I love the way the Dodge Ram 350 Chassis handles. For a tall vehicle (10 feet), it is amazingly stable and sure-footed. Being only 20 feet long makes it easy to corner and park. I also love the spacious cabin headroom and the efficient way things are laid out.

Plus, it has all the bells and whistles (generator, a/c, propane furnace, microwave, gas range, hot and cold running water, flush toilet, indoor and outdoor shower, coffeemaker, toaster oven …) that make living comfortable whether in a friend’s backyard, coyote-camping in the boondocks, or hooked up like a luxury apartment to shore power, city water and all the finer things that come with cosmopolitan joie de vivre.

In addition, I like the way it looks. Clean, attractive, non-pretentious with a leaning to whimsy (mainly visible inside as a designer color-scheme and comfy accoutrements). And if there’s something to not like about it – aside from the average 13 mpg and the awkward way the propane tank is filled — I haven’t found it yet (and hope not to <grin>).

For a couple of months this summer (2016), I’d like to visit relatives in Colorado. Also planning to overwinter someplace “warm” (aka: where it doesn’t freeze) for the Christmas and New Year holidays and then head to Michigan for a 50th Class Reunion during the summer of 2017.

I chronicle my RV road trips (e.g., to the Workamper Rendezvous last year) and other travels (such as a recent family vacation to Japan) with photos here.

 From Lynn and June Hudgens, Pineville, Louisiana

RV-Hudgens-6-4-2016This picture (with June and our West Highland white terrier, Beaux) shows our current motorhome, a 2014 32-foot Jayco Precept 31UL with 2011 Jeep  Grand Cherokee toad — on the road to Yellowstone National Park.

As we worked toward retirement this year (2016), we traveled three to four weeks per outing. We hope to make two- to three-month trips in the coming year. We recently took the Natchez Trace to kick off a trip to Cherokee and Blowing Rock, North Carolina (21 days). Great fun!

The Precept has been our best motorhome. At 32 feet, it fits just about any campground, drives well and has lots of storage. What would we change? Not much. But it would be nice to have more power/torque for mountains, replace the on-demand water heater, and find a CO/propane gas detector that doesn’t wake the world at 2 a.m.!

May 2016 we added to our traveling wheels. Thanks to, we learned about Evelo bicycles.  After comparing Evelo to a number of other options, we rolled the dice and bought two with the NuVinci drivetrain. What a difference it makes to have a “pedal assist” when you need it! This has expanded our camping experiences.  Happy trails!

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