Thursday, November 30, 2023


Best RV water filters: What you need and why you need it

The team from You, Me & the RV has done a terrific job with an RV water filter tutorial in the video below. To be transparent, Clear2O® sponsored the video and is the brand the couple uses, but they present some compelling reasons for doing so.

Regardless of whether or not you choose that particular RV water filter, there is a ton of great practical information about the topic in general in this presentation.

Starting with an overview of just what an RV water filter can and cannot do. This way you’ll have a clear understanding of the scope and limitations of what to expect from this RV accessory before you start comparing features and brands.

So what should having a water filter on your RV accomplish?

  • Improve the taste of your water
  • Remove smells from the water
  • Remove sediment
  • Remove contaminants, impurities, and bacteria

You need carbon, also known as activated charcoal, in order to do that. Activated charcoal is made up of millions of tiny pores. Naturally the smaller the pores in the filter, the more filtration you will achieve.

The discussion explains how and why water filters work by micron size and what sizes you should look for in order to filter out all of the unwanted elements listed above.

The video also examines the two types of RV water filters and the pros and cons of each:

  • Inline water filters can be broken down into two further categories of solid block or granular
  • Canister water filters

Inline filters attach to your hose and filter the water before it ever comes into your RV or tank. This type of RV water filtration is the best choice for those who move frequently and travel in their RVs regularly.

Two-stage canister systems more closely resemble home water filtration systems. They are definitely more suited to RVers who don’t move around a lot and who like to stay in a single location for long periods of time.

Topics within the canister system include:

  • Types of stage 1 canister filters and advantages and disadvantages of each (surprise, natural may not be best)
  • Stage 2 filters and how to choose them

In the end, both styles of water filtration can be effective. The ultimate choice will come down to your personal lifestyle and how you use your RV. But this video can help you make that choice.




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Bob V (@guest_202496)
1 year ago

When I used the clear2o the water pressure decreased quite a bit.

Wally (@guest_202468)
1 year ago

What’s the best way to store a water filter? We go out a week at a time with weeks in between. I store the filter in a ziplock bag in the fridge.

Larry (@guest_202465)
1 year ago

Tried the Clear2O prefilter and filter. After 6 months despite appearing to be well made my prefilter developed a crack near the water inlet side in the case, not in the hose attachment.. The Clear2O cartridge which I then used without the pre-filter then clogged very quickly with very noticeable reduction in water pressure to the RV. So don’t use the filter without a prefilter.

Jim (@guest_202452)
1 year ago

I use to follow these folks but then everything they talk about is a teaser for a video that they have monetized. Again a simple story and you DON’T get a recommendation unless you go to their video.

Leonard Rempel (@guest_202449)
1 year ago

Any video instantly loses credibility with product sponsorship attached. It may be the best filter, but this becomes a product placement ad, nothing more. At least they let people know beforehand.

B N S (@guest_202684)
1 year ago
Reply to  Leonard Rempel

So True…

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