Thursday, September 21, 2023


Clean your RV’s interior (and more) with baby wipes

By Jim Twamley
Baby wipes are so powerful I don’t know why we allow them to be used on babies. Really, these things have potent cleaning power. We used to mop the floor but now we do the job with wipes. They cut through dried up, caked on spills with ease and dry much faster than mop water.

Baby wipes do a great job shining up a faucet. They are also good for cleaning the shower stall and sinks. Other uses are cleaning out the inside of the microwave, leather furniture, ceiling fan blades, door knobs, dash board, window frames, drawer and cabinet door pulls, stove top, light fixtures and just about anything inside your RV.

They can also be used to lift stains out of fabric and carpet. I use them to remove grime off my hands after working on a motor, generator or under the RV. They are also handy to keep nearby for cleanup after dumping the black tank. They are great for cleaning smashed bugs off the windshield and headlamps. Try cleaning your steering wheel with wipes. You’ll be surprised at how much grime comes off and you’ll enjoy the clean feel and firm grip on your next RV outing.

Like many cleaning products, you may need to test-clean a small spot to make sure there is no discoloration before continuing. Baby Wipes are one of the most versatile and easy-to-use cleaning products available. They can replace many of the cleaning bottles under your sink and lighten your RV load.

You can get them here.



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