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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1001

Issue 1001 • November 7, 2018

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Be sure your campsite is okay, before hooking up
When pulling into your full-hookup campsite for the night, before leveling up and extending your slides, check the hookups to be sure they will not present problems that might make the site unsuitable. Check the power with a non-contact voltage tester to be sure it’s working properly, then turn on the water to be sure it’s working, and then be sure the sewer hookup is in range of your sewer hose. If you are dependent on your phone, MiFi device or the park’s WiFi for Internet access, then check that you have service at that particular campsite. If all is well, level up the rig, extend the awning, and then prepare for the cocktail hour.

Furnace troubleshooting tips
Leigh read a story on furnace troubleshooting. This alert reader adds, watch out for flow from the tank. “If the valve at the tank is opened too quickly it can trip the limit switch: a safety feature designed to limit the flow if the line is cut or burned allowing a surge in gas. Simply closing and reopening slowly for the first quarter turn may solve the problem by allowing adequate flow. One can also check the flame on a stove burner. If the flame is weak, there won’t be enough gas for the furnace.” Thanks for the LP pointers, Leigh.

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Today’s brain teaser (answer below): Inside a large castle there is a large room. Inside, the queen, king and two twins lay; however, none of these are adults. How is this possible? 

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Looking to cross into Mexico?
We recently posted a tip on where to look for Canada/USA crossing wait times, and reader Dawn Shindledecker provided us with a website where you can check for both northern and southern border crossings. Check it out here. Thanks, Dawn!
Doing a roof reseal? Careful around the TV antenna
When sealing around roof accessories, the temptation can be “more sealant is better.” Not around the TV antenna. Get too much sealant around it, you could hinder (or even stop) the rotation of the antenna.

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Cooking for two
Most RVs are occupied by two people, most often a couple. When mealtime comes along, there are only two mouths to feed, not an entire family. Here from are a whole bunch of great recipes for two, perfect for RVers. Yum!

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PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Fido and Fifi need rain jackets too! This is just way too cute

Answer to today’s brain teaser: They are all beds!

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4 years ago

Retired workkamper………

4 years ago

I too wish your poll had options for more than one answer. I retired years ago at age 55 to work and travel, and have had a wide variety of jobs while taking my state retirement check. Because I work, I’ve not had to touch my IRA or take early Social Security, meaning I’ll have more income in my future. Am I retired or am I working? It’s both.

Michael Galvin
4 years ago

Once again the survey is missing a response category. This time I would have like to see Mostly Retired. Those of us who work three or four hours per week have to choose Retired, Run my own Business, or Employed part-time. I’d like to know how many are like me.

4 years ago

I checked retired because we are. However we are not idle. We volunteer for Oregon State Parks and USDA Forest Service as camp hosts in exchange for our site 8-10 months each year.

Sharon B
4 years ago

A while back I purchased a roll of U.Seal Band waterproof repair tape from Home Depot for my attic AC ducts to prevent leaks.
Unfortunately, that was the wrong purchase. But overall it was a true gift for my camper when in emergency need to cure a roof leak. It is a roll of U. Seal Band waterproof repair tape 6″x25′. One side is strong flexible aluminum foil and the other side is an extremely adhesive tape that is very flexible. I am surprised that no one has mentioned this product in the years I have been following this site. I just repaired a roof leak that a professional did for me using some product that cracked causing a leak. I had to leave some of it on or it would have ruined the roof. Luckily, I remember still having that large roll of aluminum tape in the garage and applied it as directed. So far so good. It is withstanding the hot Miami summer sun and doing well. It appears it will last a long time. I am planning to eventually go on the road and will definitely buy another roll for emergencies.
Check it out.

Doug W.
4 years ago

I checked “Retired” as technically I am. However I continue to hold 3 positions as a Township Officer. I’ve been doing that for over 40 yrs. – because I can’t find anyone to take the job(s). I earn about $350.00 a year – so you can see I am in it for the big bucks! Cheers!

I do have a more serious observation. I’ve noted these past few to several weeks there have been articles and pics of Rv’s of all types bursting into flames! Is there any way you could research and elaborate on the root cause of these fires? I noted one was smoking but all the others are “under investigation”. Someone must come to a final conclusion. (Like the NTSB does). Would be critical to know what is directly causing all these fires and the loss your home- if you are full-timers – which we are not. Take care and be safe!

4 years ago

Checked part time because I work 3 afternoons a week in the summer in Maine for 6 months and do not work for 6months in Florida. I therefore consider myself a “part time/part timer”.

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