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Issue 1002 • November 8, 2018

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Junk that panel “battery meter”
The “battery charge” level meter that most RV manufacturers provide on your RV’s control panel (alongside the water and holding tank level meters) is almost worthless and often leads to a false sense of security. Add a genuine panel voltmeter or use a digital voltmeter from your toolkit to learn the actual reading. 

Weather and satellite RV woes
New to RVing with satellite TV? If you have bad reception, don’t necessarily blame the provider. Snow or heavy rain can degrade (or kill) a satellite TV signal. Other non-“Mother Nature” causes can include microwave signals from telephone or TV stations, even motors or other electrical equipment. And don’t forget, you need a direct CLEAR line of sight to the sky – parking under trees or other “junk” between the dish and the sky is a sure fire way to mess up your reception. 

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Today’s brain teaser (answer below): Which vehicle is spelled the same way forwards and backwards?


More on sewer hose stink
Paul Rider has another thought on smelly sewer hoses, responding to a suggestion that it should be stored in a storage box. “Rather than taking up a lot of room with a large container that gets stinky, I put end caps on my slinkys so they are sealed when not in use. My motorhome has a storage tube for one, and I carry two others in a cross-body storage area in rain gutter type supports. Keep the stinky in the slinky!” Thanks, Paul for clearing the air on this one!

Too tight in the galley?
If kitchen space is spare, double up! A blender can be used for a lot of different food processing operations. Baking cakes? You don’t have to use the pan specified by the recipe, increase or decrease baking time to fit the pan. Do you really need an “electric” skillet? Maybe a larger skillet on the stovetop will work just as well. We find a “stick” blender works great for most blender jobs and takes up much less space. We use ours to mix cakes, whip up smoothies, and chop veggies. This is the one we use.

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RV Service Reviews
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PRODUCT OF THE DAY: This is the perfect gift for red-wine drinkers. Ha! 

Answer to today’s brain teaser: Racecar

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Every year TV show host Jimmy Kimmel does a segment after Halloween called, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” and it’s downright hilarious. Here’s the video from this year (click on the image to play) and here are the ones from prior years.

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Sharon B

This country is so consumed with this absolute polarization can we talk about anything without pulling in the hate hostility????
All those night shows are funny whether it is a righty or or a lefty. Now give me some feedback on this one. I am mostly in the middle and have a useless left hand and am totally right handed. Does that make me a far rightest??? Absolutely..if I was told that I had to write with my left hand or die….I guess I would have to die. I am not ambidextrous. On another note I think that we need focus on the right stuff like helping those in California. I can’t imaging losing everything my home, my pets, my horses, my animals. God bless California. :(….


Wow. I guess I am in the bottom for the first time RV. I believe I was 42 when we bought the pop up. 55 now and in TT. Gotta love moving up. But that is it. I am happy with the what we have now. As for the video? I loved it. Needed that laugh.

RV Staff

Oh, for Pete’s sake! This was a video about kids’ reactions to Halloween candy being “eaten” by their parents. It had absolutely nothing to do with politics. (The parents didn’t just eat the blue-wrapped or the red-wrapped candies, for example. That might have been viewed as “political.”) Are you saying that anyone who publicly expresses their political views are 100% off limits for us to post anything from, even when it doesn’t relate to politics? Get a grip, folks. Just sayin’. –Diane at RVtravel.com

Tommy Molnar

I have our main bunch of sewer stuff in a rather large Rubbermaid container in our pickup bed. Elbows, connectors, extra hose, etc. But, I still have an emergency hose stored in our trailer bumper. Long ago I learned to stick a length of plastic rain gutter in first, with the hose sliding in on top of it. My 15 year old “emergency” hose is still working fine.


Ok. I was feeling low because we are right next to the huge fire in Paradise CA . We are on a fire watch in Chico. But when I saw the candy video I had to laugh out loud. Yes you can call me Buzz, my mom did.??


Hey folks……slinkys stored where vibration can wear through the rubbed side while driving……..and create pin holes…….I lay mine down on cheap fabric door mats from the dollar store. My last RV had the rear bumper storage and laying slinky in there vibrating wore pin holes as well……of course, I was a Deplorable person long before it became cool!……ha ha!
Oh…..I’m in bed long before those guys come on air…….don’t like today’s offensive humor anyway……creates division and hatred! Not how I want to live….life’s too short! Blessings!


Editors admonish no politics, then post a Kimmel bit? Massive and complete hypocrisy

Gene Bjerke

So a kayak isn’t a vehicle?


Geez Chuck, you attract a rough crowd here. I thought that Kimmel clip was great! Why do these folks feel the need to make EVERYTHING political? I suppose they are all out burning their Beatles albums right now! 😉


A few days ago editors admonished people here for making a ‘simple’ sports question, political. We were told this is no place for politics after many raised the issue of football players behavior (editors removed those comments). THEN, today we see a clips from the Jimmie Kimmel show, who is one of the most vocal self described liberal pundits on TV and offensive to many subscribers. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Editors, please put a little more thought in what to post, if you really do not want political feedback.

Gary W.

I’ve always thought Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween candy bit was just plain mean. Not funny!
BTW, Jimmy Fallon replaced Jay Leno, not Kimmel. Different network.

Tony King

That was a totally funny and harmless video Jimmy Kimmel put together and you shared. But you can swipe right past it simply if you don’t like it or stop and take a few minutes to let everyone know you don’t know how to do that by giving us your opinion….makes perfect sense !


Omg. Please. The editors posted a funny Kimmel clip. I guess I give you all props for not explicitly bringing politics into this, but it’s evident that’s where it’s stemming from. I don’t want to see that crap on this page, where I come to get away from it. Keep it in your pipe would ya? – a paying member of RV Travel and someone who doesn’t fit the “mold” of the majority of RVers.


Congrats on issue 1000 – that is ‘staying’ power. Always learn something new with each issue. Thanks.

John Karlson

Kimmel might be funny, but those clips were!


On the survey of when we bought our first RV, we were about 30 years of age. Now we are are 76, full-timers and on the move regularly. It keeps us going.


How about a civic for a palindrome vehicle?

Tommy Molnar

It isn’t just the battery meter that’s useless. It’s that whole ‘suite’ of light meters. In fact, using the term “meters” is giving them way too much credit. Of all the lights on that panel though, the battery indicator is probably the one most accurate. I’ve found through testing (when I’ve had way too much time on my hands) that once the battery lights drop to three, it’s about 11.7, which is serious battery usage.

Gary Reed

Tha information on the stinky sewer hose is good information. However it is based on someone who does not leave their stinky elbows and 45 and 90 degree connections attached to the deer hose. I use cap plugs on my sewer hose with 90 and 45 degree components still attached ( components are still stinky too) then I coil everything up and place it in a heavy duty plastic bag and place in my storage compartment. The end cap plugs illustrated with stinky hose article will not work with the elbow attached. I ordered a different end cap from a company called Cap Plugs. Their end cap fits over the end of the elbow. Just have to measure you elbow OD and order the necessary cap plug.

Bob Godfrey

If you like mean and nasty, Kimmel is your man. But he is not funny.