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Issue 1068 • March 18, 2019

Welcome to another fabulous edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here, you’ll find helpful RV-related, and small-space living, tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your readership.

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RV fire prevention

Eddie Maloney on flickr.com

As they say in the medical field: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With this in mind, it’s crucial to address any small problems with your vehicle before they become big and potentially dangerous ones. Inspect your RV regularly (or have someone else inspect it regularly) to make sure all hoses and connections are tight in the engine, electrical, and propane systems, and that no leaks are present. Also check the radiator and the insulation around the engine. A monthly once-over is a good idea. If anything looks awry, get it repaired as soon as possible.

Not only are a dirty engine and dirty transmission unsightly, but grime and grease buildup will cause them to run hotter. If fuel starts leaking, or something shorts out, the heat of the engine combined with the greasy dirt could cause a fire.

Friction and drag can come from a number of things – brake drag for sure, but also any part of your undercarriage that comes loose. If anything on your RV is dragging, stop right away and address the problem.

Electrical fires can happen in RVs with old or improper wiring. Make sure your electrical system is inspected regularly for solid connections and wires that are in good shape. If and when any electrical work needs to be done, make sure it’s done by a skilled electrician or handyman (or woman). Tips from rvshare.com.

WiFi endoscope lets you peep where your eyes won’t go
Ever wondered what the inside of your black water tank looked like? Is that “tank blaster” really doing the job? You can’t just eyeball the inside of the tank – or can you? With a flexible endoscope, you can run a tiny camera down for a “look around,” and get an eyeful of information on your tablet or phone. It’s pretty handy to have in the RV, so check it out here.

From smalljoys.tv

Have a hard time opening items in blister pack packaging (that really hard stuff that even scissors hardly cut through)? Use a can opener! You’ll get a nice, clean line and will be able to open it easily without cutting your fingers on the sharp, thick plastic. Click the image to enlarge if you’re not sure what we’re talking about.

Win this drone
We’re giving away one of these at random from the first 1,600 entrants. The contest is underway (no winner yet). Click here to enter. You must have an Amazon account to be eligible (most readers of this newsletter do). There is no charge to enter.


Unstable entry step?

If that bottom fold-down step on your rig leaves you a bit breathless for its lack of stability, consider this mod. Obtain a scissor style jack with a flat top, stand it on a block of wood under the bottom step. Crank up the jack to add just enough stability, without raising the step above level. Consider a bargain price for the jack at the local auto wrecking yard. Or bust out $15 and buy one from Amazon.

Does your nose know LP?

LP gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless. To assist you in detecting a leak an odorant is added to it when it is manufactured. If you are not familiar with the odor of LP gas, the next time you go to a qualified fill station ask the attendant to let you smell it. Most people describe the smell as being similar to rotten eggs, or as having a garlic odor. Tip from Mark Polk, RV Education 101.

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America’s most popular National Parks

You’re probably familiar with most of these, but allow yourself a little wanderlust and look at these gorgeous photos. This article also shows the number of visitors to each park in 2018 – Wow!

Check out the long list of great RVing-related websites from RVtravel.com.

Photo by @nikkinardizzi, Instagram


A little boy asks his grandpa to make a noise like a frog. His grandpa questions, “Why?” The little boy responds, “Because mommy said the moment you croak is when we’re going on a big trip to Disneyland!”

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Vanessa Simmons
1 year ago

I wanted steak but since I am camping in my sisters house (RV in the driveway) and she was fixing dinner for a friend we had fish!

Scott Hartsock
1 year ago

I don’t know how to answer because we’re having chicken tacos tonight.

James V Pollifrone
1 year ago

I have been missing the reader poll for the last couple of daily issues. Is it hidden in the articles somewhere and I can’t seem to find it or is my browser going bananas and wont let me see it?

James V Pollifrone
1 year ago
Reply to  Emily

Hi, Emily! Thanks for the info, it was my ad blocker, for some reason it thought it was an ad and blocked it.

Danny Wells
1 year ago

I chose seafood because that’s exactly what I’m going to have. Anyone within driving distance of East Palatka Florida don’t miss a chance to eat at Corky Bells Restaurant.

State park camp host
1 year ago

State and. National camp grounds do not allow drone’s

1 year ago

I chose fish/seafood, because I am visiting our son and his family in Hawaii. If I was in Nebraska like we were last summer, I would choose steak.

1 year ago

I found it very interesting that no pork product was in the survey, I love a good pork chop and lots of bacon too. Give beef, pork and a little chicken but not seafood

Sharon B
1 year ago

Not a big meat eater, but I do like a small steak once in a while. Yes a Hamburg is a delight once in a while too, but not too often.

1 year ago

Obviously, the Win A Drone contest is sponsored to promote Amazon, but I resent that it also requires that I add an extension to Chrome that I do not want before I can enter the contest!! Any time I am asked to click a link, it should only promote one product/sponsor at a time.

Jim c
1 year ago

Seafood every night if I could get it, in fact I just finshed making Shrimp salad.

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
1 year ago

I use the jack hack for my steps and it works. I welded a piece of angle Iron across the top to add lateral stability and distribute the weigh. The jack was free. Only problem is that storing it is a little cumbersome. I just throw it into the back of my truck.

1 year ago

I use the flip-down step stabilizer on my steps… nothing to lift or store as it stays attached to step during travel. A couple quick twists re-adjust the length to wherever the new ground is.


1 year ago

What would I like to have for dinner tonight? Just so happens we have steak once a month and tonight is the night!

1 year ago

I’m still getting ads as well, and have been contributing, even on this daily Tips newsletter.. Apparently we’re lost somewhere in the mix!