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April 9, 2019

Welcome to another fabulous edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related, and small-space living, tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your readership.

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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1081

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Get the lead in…

With electricity expert and veteran RVer Mike Sokol

RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1081OK, this is a quick tip for you electronic hobbyists and repair guys and gals. A few years ago traditional 60/40-Tin/Lead Rosin Core solder was banned from manufacturing use since too much lead was ending up in landfills from old circuit boards being thrown away, so it was replaced with lead-free solder. Ugh! Lead-free solder is really hard to use and requires extra cleaning and flux chemistry to make a good solder joint. So I’ve stocked up on good old 60/40 Tin-Lead Rosin Core solder for my electronic repair projects. I generally stick with Kester Brand Solder as that’s what I used back in the ’80s when I was building nuclear missile guidance systems (no kidding). Get it in 1 lb. spools here or if a 1 lb. spool of solder is too much, there are also smaller pocket versions available here.

RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1081Free Classes “All About RV Roofs.”
Seven RV Station RV dealerships, six in Texas and one in Oklahoma, are offering free classes this Wednesday evening, April 10. Zero sales pressure, just information to help you understand the different types of RV roofs and how to maintain them. Learn more.

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Campground etiquette: Scoop your poop!

RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1081We totally get that Fido and Fifi don’t “poop on demand,” so always bring your puppy poop bags and clean up after your pets. No excuses. Not only is it unsanitary, but it’s also nasty to have to clean up after your dog’s land mines or smelling it. Don’t walk away from it thinking we (collectively speaking) don’t notice. Try to use specified pet areas or dog parks but if your pup can’t wait, scoop it! Speaking of pets, please leash your pets and never leave them unattended outside. Can you imagine if everyone didn’t leash their pet(s)? Oy! Appreciate the fact that not everyone likes your dog or cat (or gerbil, bird, ferret, etc.). Be a responsible pet owner. It’s just one suggestion from the folks at alwaysonliberty.com.

Dress up your rig’s screen door

RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1081Looking for a short but cute “dress up” mod for your RV? Here’s an interesting one – stencil your screen door. Yep, with an easily obtainable stencil, a bit of paint, and a few minutes, you too can make your RV unique. And as our source, Mrs. Padilly found out, not only does your new screen spruce-up look good with the front door open, if you’ve got the typical door glass, it’ll welcome visitors even with the door closed. Click here for detailed instructions.

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A DEET-free mosquito and tick repellent that works! RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1081
*An RVtravel.com staff favorite!
Well, it’s that time again (unfortunately). If you’re one of those people that mosquitoes love (we all know at least one person like this) this product is for you. This awesome DEET-free insect repellent works for mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects. Keep this one handy, folks. As RVers, there’s a good chance you’re going to need it. Learn more or order here.


Ocearch Tracker

RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1081

Well, if you want to see something neat, click on this website and spend some time exploring. This site tracks every shark, turtle, seal and whale that’s currently tagged around the world. See where Jefferson, a 12-foot 7-inch White shark, is and where he’s been swimming this morning. Trust us, this is jawsome.

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SECRET WORD: Earp. Remember this for next Saturday’s RV Travel Newsletter.

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This small refrigerator fan from Valterra Products will help keep the food in your RV fridge cool and from spoiling. It cuts down initial cool-down time by 50 percent. Runs for more than 30 days on 2 D batteries. Don’t leave home without this! Learn more or order here.

RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1081
Photo by @dreamoutshot, Instagram


Q: Why don’t they allow dogs in bars?
A: Because most of them can’t hold their licker!

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Reading further on, the dog pee problem erupted. We’ve had people walking their dogs by our site stop let them pee on the tires of our rig! I always stick my head out the window and castigate at will. In case anyone thinks it ridiculous to expect your dog to hold it until you’re at a certain area, it’s not. Walk your pup on a short leash in a business like manner until you get to the poo/pee area away from other rigs, then give your command. My dog knew “time to potty” meant it was time to go. In… Read more »


Yeah, our favorite park puts out bags for the dog owners, too. Here’s what happens—either the poop lays right where it was deposited, or the owner scoops up the poop ( hurrah) then tosses it over the fence where the trash cans live where it lays on the ground until the campground owner or a person who has the misfortune to have the site near the trash containers, picks it up and puts it in the dumpster. Lovely. As dog owners, we need to get it together and police one another to get this poo problem under control. There are… Read more »

Dave Telenko

Solder, why are you promoting a banned substance like 60/40 tin/lead solder. Doesn’t banned mean Not to use the product? Not only is it banned in electrical products, but also any copper pipe that carries water!


Banned from manufacturing more — not from use or sale of existing stock.

Doug / ND

We had a beautiful, 50 lb. female Dalmatian. Their reputation isn’t the best – but she was a sweetheart and very friendly. Of course, because of the movie “101 Dal…” kids would always want to pet her. Being cautious of any animal, I would give the kid a doggie treat to give to her by laying it flat on his/her hand and let her take it. I also had my hand close to her muzzle – just in case! She made a lot of kids happy and never threatened anyone – except other dogs who came near me! Rest her… Read more »

Doug / ND

Dog clean-up tip: I found that a regular sandwich bag works really nice. Just slip it on, use it, grasp the flap and pull it off inside out. Nice clean and easy and inexpensive – protection and a throw away bag – all in one.


That may be ok for small dogs, but I think a quart size may be better for bigger .dogs


Plastic grocery bags work great too. They’re pretty big, and they’re free.

Glen Scofield

Are the classes in Texas about RV roofs live-streamed or recorded for later access on line?

Dave Telenko

Speaking of picking up the poop! WE used to travel with 2 dogs, some parks charge a fee for each dog for each night, some even charge as much as $5.00 per. I’ve asked about why & they say so they can pay someone to pick up the poop! Really they seem to be the parks with the most poop that are not picked up, I think its just another way to get more money out of us animal lovers! We have always picked up our dogs poop, even when we camp in the desert!

Michael McCracken

Absolutely agree with you. It is just another case of greedy park owner. I also travel with two dogs and always pick up their poop. The park we stay in for six months is in Arizona and they have placed doggie bag holders throughout the park.

Vanessa Simmons

I have been reading some of the discussions and going “where was that story?” Did I not get the entire newsletter? Then I looked back and realized that people are commenting on the ads. But where are the daily survey questions?

Sharon b

I am disappointed to see an add that encourages products that are known toxins to humans and to the environment. We have witnessed tremendous decline in all aspects of the planet and human sicknesses caused by these known distructive and products that have been banned.
Kester 60/40 tin lead solder was banned with a less toxic replacement. How can you promote the sale of this banned original product when we as RV’S should be mindful to protect the environment!!

David A

I have tried to use the new lead free replacements and they don’t work. If I had a choice between no refrigerator, no computer no inverter for my rig I would use the 60/40. Hopefully something will get developed that will actually work and protect the environment. Until then I’m going to keep repairing my rig electrical components with solder that works.

Mike Sokol

The chemicals in the fluxes needed for lead-free solder are much more dangerous to breathe and more harmful to the environment than the flux needed for traditional lead 60/40 solder, unless you’re using a vapor hood and flux scrubbing method that only a large-scale manufacture would have. The only issue with lead solder for electronics is when the soldered components are dumped in a landfill and can leach into the surface water. Of course, copper plumbing is a different animal since lead solder in the pipes can allow heavy metals to leach into the water supply and build up in… Read more »


Banned from manufacturing more — not from use or sale of existing stock.


As a 2 dog owner I am very aware of dogs poop and pee. Boys and girls you not ownly own the dog; you also own what they “deposit” – pick it up!
Remember, it’s yours, no matter what it is – and if you don’t – more and more places will not allow us if we have animals.


60/40 solder is still quite available. Maybe not made in USA(?), but easy to buy. “Trained to poop on demand” – Well…actually… that IS one of the commands I teach dogs. No, I dont get a perfect 5 second response, but dogs will hold whenever they can, and try/go within a minute when told its OK. I thought this was common at least for service dogs? I can’t imagine someone in a chair wants their service critter going randomly. Soda quiz – whenever possible, I get real SUGAR soda. Really don’t like corn syrup, but increasingly hard to avoid.

Danny Wells

90% of the dogs in campgrounds nor their owners have any training whatsoever.

Vanessa Simmons

I have found so many RVers with dogs that are not socialized (in many cases neither are the owners). I have had people tell me “don’t come near my dog (don’t bring your dog in the “dog park”), he doesn’t like other dogs, won’t go to the bathroom around other dogs, etc”. If you are going to travel with dogs you are going to encounter other dogs, get over it! Make sure you dog gets along with others.


Definitely agree dogs AND owners need a lot of training. ASK to pet anyone’s dogs (who may be “working”), keep yours in TOTAL control, and don’t let your dog wander into sites uninvited. Dogs are naturally territorial and protective, so its ignorant to challenge that with unknown dogs. I have met cops with off duty K9 dogs, and ADA dogs trained to guard their handlers wheelchair unless TOLD to stand down. I adopted one. They aren’t bad dogs, you’re just presumptuous to trespass uninvited and unaware. People think its odd my dogs will SIT if allowed to be petted, and… Read more »


Re: the joke — We live in a city of 35,000 residents in Georgia where there is one registered golf cart for every three people. Not all of us golf, but folks often use the carts instead of cars/trucks to shop, go to school, visit friends, etc. on the 100+-mile network of cart paths. Our two Labrador retrievers love to ride in our cart. Labs are notoriously friendly, so we made a sign for our cart windshield that says, “Caution! Dog can’t hold its licker!” The sign and dogs get lots of smiles. We never used the sign on our… Read more »

Gary Machholz

If you click the link to Always on Liberty they talk about not cutting through other people’s sites. A young (stupid) boy learned the hard way two years ago at Bear Lake KOA in northern Utah when he tried running between the picnic table of our site and our TT. I was reading outside and my German Shepherd was asleep on a long lead by my chair. He heard the boy coming and was up like lightning thinking I was in danger. He had the boy pinned against the neighbor’s TT before I even knew what was happening. The poor… Read more »

Bob Godfrey

Cutting through someone else’s site is one of my pet peeves, that and the idea that you may also spread all your belongings/vehicles out anywhere you want and intrude on a neighbor’s site as well.


We were at a park in Mobile and the posted signs said pick up or hook up. Meaning pick up after your pet or hook up your RV and leave. Simple and to the point.


Good thing it’s not “pick up AND hookup”… that would be something entirely different. *grin*


The article on DOGGIE POOP is a Great Reminder for Dog Owners to Pick up after their Dogs, Especially the SAINT BERNARD CRAPOLA! This just happened to me the other day in Pigeon Forge, TN. On my RV Space, a young woman was walking her pet and doing his business and she just keeps walking like nothing is wrong. I opened my RV door and TOLD HER to Pick up the POOPOLA! She didn’t have any bags, so I graciously gave her one of mine! She acted like I was bothering her and didn’t care! But, she picked it up… Read more »


That was brazen of her! I’m glad you saw her and responded as you did.


When we walk our Cocker we always carry plastic bags, when we see others walking who don’t have a bag when one is needed we always offer a bag. We have been both thanked and we have been ignored!

Bob p

We spent the winter in a wonderful park in Texas where a couple from Canada were on a corner site that was on the way to the dog walk area. As people would be on the way to the dog walking area with their dog(s) if their dog did what all dogs do as a way of marking their territory and urinated on the grass alongside the street they would open their window and very loudly rant and rave about the dog urinating on their grass. No one was allowing their dog to poop on the grass, some people can… Read more »

Charles Andrews

Not your typical Canadian I can assure you….


Dog urine can kill grass. Pooping aside, never allow your dog to pee on someone’s lawn or flowers.


I don’t blame people for getting upset if the dog pees on their grass. Dog urine can kill grass if enough dogs pee on the same spot (often, even after one deposit). Also, some people will walk outside barefoot. Why should they have to worry about stepping in dog pee contaminated grass? Show some respect for others (and, no, I’m not a dog hater).

Michael McCracken

Maybe find a park that don’t allow pets? Pets are like family and most RV’rs have them. Pet owner’s can’t always choose where their pet decides to go pottiy. I try not to allow my pets to go on other RV’rs sites but accidents do happen. Might want to consider boondocking away from other RV’rs.


Have the dog relieve themselves on your own site before you walk them. I am TIRED of dog owners letting their dog on a 10 foot plus lead come into my site to pee on my car and RV tires!


Try driving the ALCAN highway a few times..you will find out real fast how ridiculous many canucks can be.We quit wintering in Arizona because of too many canucks and their snotty attitudes.


Yeah I am not sure where the nice Canadians myth comes from. There are as many of them that are real jerks as anywhere. I have met some very nice people from Canada but no more than I have from anywhere else.


Try Newfoundland. Best folks ever.


Dozens of dogs peeing in a small area becomes quite smelly.

Michael McCracken

My wife and I are in our 7th year as fulltime RV’rs . We travel with two small dogs. Never have we not picked up after them. I have found that most of the people who do not pick up after their pets are short timers in the park. They must believe that since they will be leaving and may not be back, they have no consideration of the other campers.


Yet you already admitted you let your dogs pee on other peoples sites…..