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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 869

Issue 869 • March 21, 2018
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RVing Tip of the Day

Getting all the watts from your generator

Dear Mike,
My question is how to hook up my 50-amp shore power cord to a Honda EU 7000iS inverter generator. As you may know, the generator has a 120-volt/240-volt switch and two home-style receptacles. If you turn on the 120-volt switch you can run up to 45.8 Amps and a maximum of 5000 Watts with a short-term output of 7000 Watts. I know it seems backwards, but according to Honda if you set it to 240 volts the generator splits the amperage between the two outlets allowing only half of the amperage to go to the right leg and half the amperage going to the left leg. How do I hook this up to my RV to get all of the power I’m paying for? –Ron G.
Ron, that’s a great question, so here’s how it works. Watts is always watts, no matter how you split it up. And the same goes for total amps. In the U.S. power grid we split the 240 volts coming into our house into two separate services of 120 volts each. Your RV’s 50-amp shore power connector is actually two separate 120-volt feeds of up to 50 amps each adding up to 100 amps total. And your EU7000 generator can be similarly configured to have two separate 120-volt outputs of 30 amps each.
Click on image for larger picture.

A little math shows us that 30 plus 30 amps per leg equals 60 amps total. And 60 amps times 120 volts equals 7,200 watts. So your generator can provide 3,600 peak watts per 120-volt leg times 2 legs, which again is 7,200 watts total. All good so far?
All properly wired RVs will balance the loads between the two incoming 50-amp legs, putting a rooftop air conditioner on each leg, etc. So as long as you don’t go crazy and try to run the convection microwave, both air conditioners and a big electric skillet all at the same time, you should be just fine with 7,200 watts. And if you do go a little over the top and draw too much power from your Honda, it will simply trip its own circuit breaker and wait for you to reset it. We rent these EU7000iS generators all the time for medium-size outdoor music concerts and they’re absolutely indestructible. It really will last for decades if you just do routine oil and air filter maintenance.
To hook it up to your RV with a 50-amp cordset for shore power, you set the EU7000 power switch on the lower left of the control panel to the 240-volt position, which energizes the twist-lock 30-amp outlet on the right side of the panel. (Click on the image above for a larger picture.) Even though it says 240-volts, the generator is actually producing two separate 120-volt outputs of up to 30-amps each. Then you just use a dog-bone adapter with a twist-lock 30-amp/240-volt generator plug on one end, and a straight-blade 50-amp/240-volt RV outlet on the other. This one on Amazon should do the trick: Generator Adapter.

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GPS home security advice
A sage RVer warns to never put your “home” coordinates in your GPS. If a crook steals your GPS and keys, he knows right where to go to clean you out.

Replace brake lights with exact same model bulb
With electricity expert, Mike Sokol
If you have a burned-out brake light bulb on any motorhome, especially a modern one like a Sprinter, be sure you replace it with the exact model bulb. Modern vehicles sense the current going to the various lights and will report back to the engine control module (ECM) that something isn’t right. When that happens the ECM can do strange things like shut off your cruise control or even force your transmission into limp-home mode, which makes it stick in 2nd gear with a maximum speed of 30 mph or so. And that’s why you can’t arbitrarily replace standard tungsten bulbs in your brake lights and turn signals with LED bulbs unless they have loading resistors. More on this in a future article.

Removing an overhead mattress
Need to remove a mattress from your motorhome or truck camper overhead? It can be a tight proposition! Start to roll up the mattress, then bind it around with ratchet-style tie-down straps. Cinch them up tight, then pull the mattress out. Or buy your new mattress from an outfit that will deliver and install your new mattress!

The RV park experience from hell.

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What Should I Read Next?
Well, the name pretty much explains everything. Simply type in a book that you like (or just finished reading) and the site will give you several titles of what to read next!

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“The” guide to services at Interstate exits
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Where to camp for free in an RV
High prices at RV parks got you down? editor Chuck Woodbury provides a rundown of the most popular type of places where RV enthusiasts can spend a night or more for free.

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Summer is coming! Protect your tires
Tires are expensive. So get as much life as you can from them. One guaranteed way to shorten their life is to keep them exposed to the sun. So here’s the no-brainer advice of the day: Cover them. The price you pay for the covers will save you far more in the long run. Learn more or order.


Climb into a warm and cozy bed
Cold and damp out? If you’re in an RV park, use an electric heated mattress pad to pre-warm your bed. You’ll save LP from not having to crank up the heat. Inverter users beware: Not all mattress pads and electric blankets can “digest” inverter power!

“Reusing” a bumper sticker
Want to remove a bumper sticker and then use it again later? Use a heat gun to gently heat up the sticker, pull it loose, and “stick it” on a piece of wax paper. When you’re ready to reuse it, pull it off the paper and slap it back on the bumper.
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John Koenig
4 years ago

Re “Home” address on a GPS. I drove to my local Police Station and set THAT location as “Home”. Should a felon steal my vehicle and figure he can now go to my house and further rip me off, he’ll be delivering himself to the local lockup.

4 years ago

Have you read the reports about dogs being brutally killed by the owner(s) of Paradise cove RV campground, Eagle rock, MO? It’s all over our rv Facebook pages. The local sheriff is collecting evidence and plans to prosecute them to the full extent of the law.
It started with a lady (lives in the area, not an rver) having her 3 labs go missing. When they were searching, they knocked at the door of a couple who had witnessed the dogs being called by the campground owner and shot (also mutilated). Now another dog owner in the area has found his dog in the area of the campground, also shot to death. This campground must be boycotted. I would be out front marching with a protest sign if I lived near this place.

Ron Wolf
4 years ago

Your article today about replacing the correct bulbs in tail lights makes me ask does the same hold true with replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs in the bathroom? We replaced two fluorescent bulbs in our bathroom with LED bulbs (cutting one wire to old ballasts and adding the LEDs. Does that have any effect on batteries or anything else? We did it to be more efficient. Was it the right decision? Thanks!

4 years ago

Is there an issue that talks about extended warranty policies? If so which issue is it?