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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 896

Issue 896 • May 8, 2018
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Put your insurance on pause
If your motorhome, tow vehicle or truck camper is stored on private property for long periods of time, you may be able to save money by canceling the liability, collision, medical and uninsured portions of your insurance policy until you head back on the road (provided your insurance carrier allows this practice). But keep the comprehensive coverage active. If you allow this coverage to lapse and your rig is financed, your lending institution will likely send you a nasty note and then tack on its own expensive coverage to your monthly payment.

Igloo 12-volt cooler

Portable ‘fridge’ to the rescue
Sometimes a trip to the supermarket can be a long-distance adventure. On hot days, keeping the frozen foods solid while getting back to the RV can be a problem. Styrofoam coolers with bags of ice work, but the cheap chests get mauled easily. We finally found a “low voltage” cooler chest that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. While it isn’t actually a freezer, if we pack the frozen goods together and precool the cooler, our stuff gets back to the RV just fine. It works great, too, when you have to “bring a dish” to a potluck and want to be sure nobody gets sick from the potato salad! —Russ De Maris

Easy way to customize your bathroom
RV bathrooms are usually more functional than pretty, but that’s easy to change. Some RV dealers sell costly toilet seat and rug sets, but it’s easy and economical to make your own. For a pretty seat cover, simply sew the sides of a folded hand towel, tuck in the corners, stitch and then place over the seat. Add a matching rug from a discount store. I spray paint small baskets to hold ‘stuff’ to match my bathroom decor. In my current RV a Plexiglas shelf sits on brass supports on a blank wall above the toilet. The local auto glass shop cut it to my specs and heat-curled a front edge. I added car striping for a decorative effect. With this in place, my makeup and a Kleenex box stay in place while traveling. We added a silk plant below to make it pretty as well as functional. To avoid an avalanche when I open the medicine cabinet, I inserted two-inch-high strips of Plexiglas to the front of each shelf, secured at the bottom of each with a piece of wide, clear postal tape. —Peggi McDonald

Know your height
Know what the overall height of your RV is and constantly be aware of road clearances, gas stations, bridges, underpasses and low-hanging obstacles like overhead wires and tree branches. Post the height of your RV where it is easy to see to serve as a reminder. —Mark Polk

Black tank dumping tip
The best time to empty the black (sewer) tank is when it’s nearly full. That way, there’s enough liquid to flush all the solids from the tank. Emptying a partially full tank may leave the undissolved material in the tank. If you must dump before a long voyage, fill the tank with water first and then dump the tank. Be sure to monitor the tank closely as you add water (don’t walk away to take a phone call, for example) so the tank does not overfill and overflow (really, really bad news).

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Pete Almasi (@guest_24736)
5 years ago

The clip about the man getting burned after trying to jump start his rig would have been better if the story told readers why it went on fire from that.

Doug T. (@guest_24729)
5 years ago

This has to do with cooking in your RV oven. Place a air bake cookie sheet on the oven rack and bake everything on it you will not burn the food your cooking. I’ve used this for over 30 years

Jillie (@guest_24726)
5 years ago

I hated the shower curtain our jayco had. So I went searching for a new one and found it. Had my seamstress take apart the old one and add the strip to the new one. Looks fab. We are also having troubles getting things to stick to the walls. So it looks like we might go with earthquake glue or mollies. Not sure but the nails are not working. Some ideas I am already doing. As for insurance? We cancelled the camper insurance since we won’t be camping until our daughter graduates from college. Too expensive to do both. So it is still under wraps until the day I retire.

Gary R (@guest_24741)
5 years ago
Reply to  Jillie

A good way to mount objects to RV walls where there is only a thin skin and no wood or metal backing is to use pop rivets. Some pop rivet tools are adjustable to allow access to tight spaces often found in RVs. Check out this video from RV Geeks:

Dave (@guest_24720)
5 years ago

I did,t think there was enough choices with today’s poll. I’m a 50 amp coach, but if the weather permits and the electric pedastele seems fine, we live on 30 very well. Also, as some places are, cost becomes a consideration too, $5.00 a day extra adds up just for convenience.

Mike Sokol
5 years ago
Reply to  Dave

This was just a quickie poll, since a really comprehensive one would probably not be answered by a lot of readers. But your point is well taken. I think the biggest power draw is air conditioners, so if you’re not camping in the summer, you might be comfortable with a roof fan/vent and an open window. But during the real heat of the summer I think that most RVs turn into ovens, so there’s probably no way to run two air conditioners in a large RV on a single 30-amp connection.

Jim Baird (@guest_24718)
5 years ago

ManualsLib needs a lot of work. Links are screwed up and search leads to different products than the actual product number.

Janie (@guest_24717)
5 years ago

Some of us are newbies and appreciate the tips and suggestions. I have just started reading this newsletter and not sure how to find all of the old posts to get the suggestions that all of the “long timers” already know. Thank you for helping those new to the RV world.

Robbie (@guest_24712)
5 years ago

Wow, another tip on how to empty a black tank!!

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