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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 913

Issue 913 • June 6, 2018
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Easy way to check electrolyte level in “house” batteries 
Are your “house” batteries located in such a way that it’s hard to see the electrolyte level when it comes time to check them? Fred Campbell knows your pain, and has one commercial solution. “I found a product that is relatively inexpensive, readily available, and very easy to install. It is the Qwik-fill by Flow-rite. This device comes in various configurations for different size batteries and is expandable if you add more batteries. It is available from Amazon.com, Camping World and a host of local RV parts dealers. After using this device for two years, I wouldn’t be without it!” Thanks, Fred!

Best way to work under a vehicle
Changing a tire or working under the rig on hot pavement or dirt? Use a yoga mat to protect you. It is covered foam and rolls up into a nice lightweight bundle. Thanks to Pat Gerard!

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Tank Sensors Reading Full?
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Store a fire extinguisher 
Use a Velcro® fastener strap to hold a large-size fire extinguisher in the back corner (or corners) of your closet. The hanging clothes will also help keep it upright. This enables you to store the extinguisher completely out of the way but still easily accessible from the bedroom and bathroom areas. Thanks to Ron Jones, AboutRVing.com.

Remove the wax or leave it on your RV?
Want to strip the old wax off your RV? Wash your RV with dish soap and water. Want to leave the wax on your RV? Wash your RV with automotive soap and water.

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Ok, this one’s an app, but it’s too neat not to list here. Out on a hike and wonder what a certain berry is? Can you eat it? What’s that cool-looking plant over there? PlantSnap lets you take a photo of whatever plant you’re wondering about, and it’ll tell you exactly what it is. Coooooool.

Missing Kids
This website lists every child currently missing. We suggest taking the time to quickly look through the kids missing in your current state, just so you can keep your eyes peeled. You never know! 

Bigfoot Encounters
Think you saw Bigfoot? This website wants to know! This is a great site if you’ve got some time to kill and want to learn more about the mysterious giant. 

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Donald Waggoner
4 years ago

The advice of less is better is very important. To really do the best, go to Wall-Mart and get the small 1 to 1.3 flip top waste can, and the scented bags to fit. Cost less than $15.00. Put all the waste paper in here and toss it in the trash after your weekend or every few days. Paper causes many of the problems that black tanks have.
Don Waggoner

Mike Giuffre
4 years ago

I don’t see how the Flow-Rite product helps me “see the electrolyte level”. There is not a lot of information available that indicates this product is anything other than a fill-assist device. Plus a separate pump must be purchased. Please provide more information.

5 years ago

I guess it counts if we pull our Fiver with a four-wheel-drive vehicle since we can use that off-road if we wanted to.

Joe Kleinsmith, SFC USArmy Retired
5 years ago

Tip I got from son,
To secure table cloths to picnic tables there are clip on weights and spring clips that don’t fit the thickness of all tables and easily get misplaced.
Simple solution: after laying down the table cloth use a friction tie down strap around each end and give a pull. Fits all tables. The table will blow away before the table cloth.

5 years ago

I’d like to use this tip. . .but I don’t know what a friction-tie-down strap is. Could you enlighten me so I can shop for it?

Tony King
5 years ago

I’ve always washed all my vehicles with Dish Soaps of all kinds even Dawn . Ive never experienced any of them “stripping “ the wax away. I decided to “google” that question and came up with this YouTube Video doing a test with Dawn Ultra showing it doesn’t “strip” the wax even using it full strength and undiluted.


5 years ago
Reply to  Tony King

I would recommend to the editor that he (they) insure tips provided in this “quick tip” publication, that they are indeed accurate. Providing false tips kinda detracts from your credibility.

Chuck Woodbury
4 years ago
Reply to  Ron

Ron, we try our best to be accurate. What tip in particular do you believer is inaccurate? We’ll look at again. — Chuck/editor

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

I always carry what I call a “cardboard creeper” in the bed of my truck. It stands straight up alongside the utility bed out of the way. I just got a new one, made out of the thick cardboard that made up the box our new TV came in. It’s glossy on one side and ‘cardboard’ on the other. Easy to slide around on and great for any kind of under vehicle work. Not so good on wet surfaces, of course.

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