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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 948

Issue 948 • August 7, 2018

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If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen …
With electricity expert and veteran RVer Mike Sokol
… Or so the saying goes. This is especially true if your kitchen is a very small one inside of an RV. To avoid heating up the inside of your RV, along with the greasy mess you can get from frying a hamburger or bacon, consider a small butane stovetop burner to take the process outside to a picnic table. These new butane burners are a far cry from the Coleman white gas stovetop I had to fill and pump up as a kid. Just pop in a butane cylinder, hit the ignition button, and voila. Like Prometheus, you have brought fire to earth. FIRE!!! Here’s an inexpensive one on Amazon that gets great reviews and has a carrying case. And make sure you invite me over for breakfast if you see me at a rally. I like fried eggs over easy, crispy bacon, home fries and white toast with butter on the side. Oh, yes, coffee with double-cream, please. Really.

Paper goods storage smarts
Use paper plates, bowls, napkins on your RV trips? Sometimes they like to get loose and create problems in kitchen cabinets. A handy plastic “magazine file” like this one holds those items ready for action. Double stick Velcro at the bottom or side will keep the handy holder from flying around, too. Less than $4 at Walmart on an order-in basis.

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Is the water in your RV clean enough to drink?
Access to fresh water is essential when traveling in a recreational vehicle. An RV drinking water hose allows you to seamlessly connect to the water source commonly found in campgrounds and vacation spots. It is free from harmful contaminants such as BPA and phthalates so only the best water is used inside your vehicle. Click here to shop now.

Answer to today’s brain teaser: A river


Trailer users – try these additions to your “emergency kit”
In addition to road flares, first aid kit, etc., here’s a thought from Richard Kuhwarth: “An item I have always carried in our trailer is an extra set of wheel bearings and seals for the current trailer. Two times since I started RVing in the 1960s I’ve had bearing failures in remote towns, and having the extras on board saved time and trouble.” Thanks Richard!

Thirty amps simplified
A 30-amp electrical system on an RV has the capability of using 3,600 watts or 30 amps before you will overload the system. 120 volts x 30 amps = 3,600 watts. Think of it like this: You could use 36 100-watt light bulbs and when you turn the 37th one on it will probably trip a breaker. You should never run more than one major appliance at a time, e.g., air conditioner or microwave. Tip from Mark Polk, RV Education 101.

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America’s coolest motels
Feel like taking a break from the RV for a night? Here’s a list of America’s most unique motels, and we gotta say, they’re pretty dang cool. 

The 10 best apps to train your brain
The Huffington Post has given us a great list of brain-training apps. Get your brain in tip-top shape. We know it’s hard to do those mental exercises sometimes!

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“Don’t worry, grandson. I just want to see who is single again.”

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Jeffrey Lefevre
4 years ago

I learned a lesson while camping at the beach this July, we have 2 100 watt solar panels, but when the weather was dark and raining for 3 days straight, we killed our storage batteries. With no shore availabile, and no generator the batteries drained quickly. I will be buying a 3100 watt inverter generator in the near future.

4 years ago

I would never get one. But, I don’t mind the little flower or other small tattoo. What I do not like are those big ones – usually can’t tell what they are. Then when you see people with multiple ones covering arms, neck, chest, back, etc. – they look like just a blob of ugly colors. My son got a tattoo of USMC around his arm. He has put on a lot of weight over the years and it is so ugly.

I remember a few years ago the story of an elderly woman who had tattoos trying to convince her granddaughter not to get them. Went something like this: when I was young and got these they looks great. Then I aged and my skin is all wrinkled – look at how ugly these are. When you see people with tattoos envision them old and wrinkled or even fat with the tattoos stretched – will they still look nice? Last I heard the granddaughter decided not to.

4 years ago

Wow, whole lotta tattoo haters here, why am I not surprised. I didn’t even get my first one until I hit 50, and I have every intention of getting more.

Bill Bateman
4 years ago

I agree with Sherry … RV stuff is much more interesting and not as subject to political / moral comments.

4 years ago

Remember when my son was 14 and needed permission to get a tattoo. I told him he wasn’t old enough, but when he was 16, we would discuss it. From 14-16, I would point out the ugly ones and ask him how he liked them?? On his 16th birthday, I told him it was time to get a tattoo, and since he was underage, I would pick it out. He declined. Well, he is in his 30’s now, no tattoos and no piercings.

J Cherry
4 years ago

A) I have a large electric griddle on hand for bacon and pancakes. Especially, when we have guests. If necessary, I can use it to fry burgers but I will probably go to the grill then.

B) I like the little surveys. I think they are fun. I also still learn a lot from the newsletter at the same time. If people aren’t happy with the newsletter because of surveys or little squiggly things, then unsubscribe. I appreciate their efforts. My husband and I even find some of the writting humorous.

C) Tattoos and piercings are a personal choice. I have a small tattoo which is tastefully done. I have been thinking of getting the Breast Cancer Survivor ribbon tattoo as well. I am not fond of the arm sleeves, etc. and that is why I don’t have one.

Vanessa Simmons
4 years ago

I see little old ladies 60s, 70s, and up with fresh tattoos (I’m 60 and have none). Guess they always wanted them but they were frowned upon when they were younger. My oldest son hid his from me for years…thought I didn’t know. Mothers know everything. He also got his eyebrows pierced and after one got infected and left a bum/scar he regretted having done that. I just don’t get it, sleeves, full body, FACE!! REALLY. Know someone who had brothers birth & death dates tattooed on her wrist. All of the siblings did. Thought that was sweet but then she got a bunch more. Yuck.

I like seeing a variety of questions…don’t listen to the one or two Debbie downers and keep up the good information.

4 years ago

I have to laugh. When I was in school if you came in with a piercing you stood a good chance you were gonna get the crap beat out of you. Now , the ones that would do the beating are the first ones to get pierced.
All the old men must think they are young again with all their piercings. Disgusting.
All these young girls getting their tattoos, I wonder what they will tell their grand kids they are fifty years from now. After they are all stretched and wrinkled.
Well you see Susie that is a Blue bird on my left {bleeped}, but now it looks like a Blue Heron.

4 years ago

Those little butane stoves are really great, the only caution is- as soon as you’re done cooking, remove the butane bottle. The little jet gets plugged up if the fuel is left there for a day or so. You can clean it and blow it out but it’s far easier to just remove the fuel canister. I can’t swear to it but I think we pay only 2 bucks or so each for the fuel at the grocery store.

4 years ago
Reply to  Drew

Keep in mind butane is sold in 8oz cans, so double price against 1lb LP.

I still use an OLD LP stove from my tent camping days, but if I replaced it, for $5 more I’d get this one that accepts LP as well as butane:

Sherry Dawson
4 years ago

I’m rather disturbed by the current direction of the reader polls. These personal questions are not what I expect from an RV newsletter. I come here to learn about better, safer, and more enjoyable RVing. I don’t want to know who has a tattoo or who was popular in school.

Also, they are eerily reminiscent of the type of polls and questionnaires that led to the dissemination via social media of so much fake news in the last election. People were targeted by their preferences, and their personal data stolen when they answered questionnaires. Call me paranoid, but I won’t be answering any more of your polls.

I frequently learn something additional from the reader comments on the newsletter topics. Disappointingly, today’s comments were only about tattoos!

4 years ago
Reply to  Sherry Dawson


4 years ago
Reply to  BuzzElectric

Yes, my reaction exactly.

4 years ago
Reply to  Sherry Dawson

If you are disturbed by this, don’t read the newsletter. Personally I love learning about my fellow RV’rs.

4 years ago

Re: ink, I generally dislike tattoos on girls – kinda like putting goggles and a moustache on the Venus de Milo. I wouldn’t ink myself unless it had a real meaning I wanted to remember and convey to others.

Re: Mike’s butane stove, looks decent, but why butane? $4 a small can of butane, or $0.40/lb of propane makes butane crazy.

4 years ago

I can’t stand looking at tattoos. Prison, service. I couldn’t ever be with someone with any kind of, as they call it, body art. Art is different in different eyes. Just my opinion, good or bad.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

I don’t want to sound judgemental but I just don’t get the current trend of darned near EVERYONE suddenly getting tattoos. I was in the navy back in the 60’s and I didn’t get one then. I’m NOT getting one now!

Mike Sokol
4 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Tommy, I know what you mean. I’m a pro-sound engineer by profession, and started working in the 70’s when tattoos began to get popular with musical artists and engineers. Nearly every other sound engineer I know has a plethora of tattoos and piercings, while I have ZERO. No ink, no piercings, no other enhancements of any kind. Many times I’ve been pre-judged as not being a “real” engineer for lack of ink. However, I really am an A1 sound engineer (A1 is an actual sound-tech term meaning I’m qualified to be in charge of every aspect of major music productions), and once I get working with a new stage crew I’m quickly accepted as genuine. But it is a bit strange that I’m judged for LACK of ink, instead of the other way around. When someone asks me why I don’t have any tattoos I tell them I’m a baby and can’t stand the pain. I say live and let live…

Jim Collins
4 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Tommy, I was in the navy in the early 60’s 60-67 , never got one, I was born with one on the back of my neck, figured God gave me that, and why get another

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