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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 981

Issue 981 • October 3, 2018

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Photo by Plusea, Flickr

Velcro victories
Erinn Mayer wrote in with a sticky suggestion: “I Velcro just about anything I can to the walls and counter-tops of our motorhome. Why? So I don’t have to take down everything on the walls, and put everything away, each time we travel anywhere! Examples? (1) Our clock, as well as all of our photos/wall hangings. (2) Also in the bathroom, I’ve Velcroed the towel holder, tissue dispenser, soap dish and hand sanitizer dispenser to the counter (they only require a very small piece of Velcro, to stay in place); then when I clean, I just pick them up, then re-attach everything after cleaning. (3) In the kitchen, I’ve also Velcroed salt and pepper shakers, a hand sanitizer dispenser, and a basket that we keep napkins in. (4) I’ve even attached small items to the insides of cabinet doors (to save space), such as flashlights, remotes, and even hairbrushes, on the inside of the medicine cabinet. (5) Last, but not least, I Velcroed a basket containing our dogs’ harnesses, leashes, and poo bags to the floor, right near the door – now super convenient!” —Thanks, Erinn. And an apology–on our initial posting of this we mispelled your last name — hopefully we’ve got it right this time! We’ll “stick around” for more ideas! Stock up on Velcro here!

Putting in a dishwasher?
Thinking about installing an RV dishwasher? Before you go out and lay down money, check out the specifications. Not only do you need enough physical space (also, will it fit in your door?) but also consider the electrical and plumbing requirements – your rig must be able to provide for all.

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Today’s brain teaser (answer below): Two in a whole, four in a pair, and six in a trio. Eight’s a quartet but what you must get is the name that fits just one of me. What am I?


Give fine glassware a hug
Store good glassware and stemware (such as crystal wine glasses) in flexible foam drink “huggies” (also called “koozies”). Many companies give these away or you can find them really cheap at yard sales and trade shows. 

For taller glasses, use two huggies and put one over each end (top and bottom). Some huggies may not fit over larger glassware. If so, you can purchase a slip-on protective cover for glassware. Use whatever works best. Thanks to Ron Jones,

Happiness is a matter of attitude
And if you think about it, you have complete control over your attitude (or at least you should have). Many people love small RVs. I know a lot more people who have sold their big RV and bought a smaller one, and I also know people who have sold their small RV and gone with a larger one. Keeping up with the Joneses is basically non-existent in the RV world. More than likely most of your life you were always wanting a bigger house, a nicer car, and more of the latest “stuff.” The advertising media have done a good job of making us unhappy with what we have, and of convincing us to always want more. Most RVers (at least the ones who are the happiest) have learned that in many cases having less makes them happier than having more. —From RVing: Less Hassle—More Joy: Secrets of Having More Fun with Your RV—Even on a Limited Budget.”

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Virgina State Parks

Suddenly Senior
This is a funny site directed at seniors. You’ll find everything here from silly articles about getting older, retirement information, nostalgia, a forum, trivia and jokes. It’s worth checking out for a few good chuckles.

Spooky Halloween RVs
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Answer to today’s brain teaser: Half

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Photo by Andy Fitzsimon, Flickr

Two guys are walking through a national park and they come across a bear that has not eaten for days. The bear starts chasing the two men. They run as fast as they can, but the one guy starts getting tired and decides to stop and say a prayer, “Please turn this bear into a Christian, Lord.” He looks back to see if the bear is still chasing them and he sees the bear on its knees. Happy to see his prayer answered, he turns around and heads towards the bear. As he gets closer, he hears the bear saying a prayer, “Thank you, Lord, for the food I am about to receive.”

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GENE BJERKE (@guest_33772)
5 years ago

We put clean socks over our glasses. Works fine

Gordon Herrmann (@guest_33724)
5 years ago

We use a VOIP phone through Callcentric while at home and have another phone modem for when we go south in the winter. As long as I have a wired internet connection, I have a home phone with the same number. As a bonus, when someone leaves a message, I get an email and can listen to it on there. Usually pay only about $10/month.

Tommy B (@guest_33720)
5 years ago

Universal access? Sure right. AT&T right across the street. Not accessible to me. I’m stuck with a rural phone company where their motto is ( just a little better than a tin can and some string)
We have good cell service and use Verizon hot spot

Fletch (@guest_33714)
5 years ago

I haven’t thought about a dish washer but wouldn’t the paper plates come out soggy and the plastic cups and utensils melt? Just kidding. we use metal utensils.

Doug Warnecke (@guest_33711)
5 years ago

Speaking of phones…. My wife and I each have a flip-Tracfone. It is small, fits in a purse or shirt pocket or small clip to your belt holder. I can carry it anywhere from the mower to the motorhome! We have them basically only for standby/emergency use . I have over 6,000 minutes, she has over 2,000.. We have had them for many years now. they cost about $10. a month. We have used them, rarely, for a personal contact or have received a call.

While the new fancy computerized fones can do many things – you still have to carry it and keep track of it; not sit on it nor drop it in the commode! I do carry a laptop in the motor home for emails, research or reservations etc..
PS: We have a landline with push buttons (not a dial!). We don’t do Facebook either!!!

Kelly R (@guest_33718)
5 years ago
Reply to  Doug Warnecke

Doug, Amen! I could have written your email. Unless full timing, I think the idea is to get away from it all. Without Facebook, etc., that is one less place to get hacked. I’ll bet that you also have some of those old paper maps in your glove compartment as well. “Glove compartment” – you know what I mean. 🙂

Doug W. (@guest_33752)
5 years ago
Reply to  Kelly R

Kelly: Yes we certainly do carry paper maps! I have a Rand GPS 5″ and it works very well – except on one occasion it tried to send me down a road which was under a rising lake and had been for a few years! Electronics and ball point pens are wonderful – until they break with no back-up – i.e. paper maps and pencils! I also used to fly – with backups!

Bd2 (@guest_33710)
5 years ago

re: Cell vs. land line [or VoIp]
I live in Colorado. My home is on the edge of 3 cell towers and underneath the transmission of a 4th [higher elevation than my house and blocked by terrain] Thus I usually get zero cell phone bars, tho on occasion I am “treated” to a bar or two. So when I am away from home I use the cell but at home I use VoIP thru my internet provider for $28/mo. When in the RV we use the cell of course when there are towers available. For us, getting away from the cells and internet is part of the fun and relaxation when RV’ing !!!

Dave Telenko (@guest_33708)
5 years ago

I thought todays B/T was creative, as usual! My answer was two, as divided by 2=half!

Wolfe Rose (@guest_33706)
5 years ago

Re: phone survey, I’ve been cellphone only for 23 years now… In fact in my current house of twelve years it is literally impossible to get a landline or cable service. Verizon quoted me $80,000 if I really was determined to have a landline, and Time Warner/Spectrum cable outright refuses. 200 yards north, the neighbor has both. Some sort of “if we touch the pole, we have to replace it” BS they haven’t solved in over a decade. “Universal Access”??? Dream on…

Jim (@guest_33701)
5 years ago

Thank you so much for highlighting our website,

livingboondockingmexico (@guest_33696)
5 years ago

We have a landline here at home in Mexico. The service includes free long distance in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. I use it now to keep in touch with family. (service also includes high-speed internet and basic Dish cable. $29 a month). 🙂

Sharon B (@guest_33700)
5 years ago

Wow, that’s a deal and a half.

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