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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 989

Issue 989 • October 17, 2018

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Easy windshield cleaning
Keep a can or bottle of good-quality window cleaner within easy reach when you stop to fuel up. Before starting to pump fuel, spray your windshield liberally with the window cleaner. Let it sit while fueling and then use the “usually” available squeegee to easily remove the bug guts. The cleaner virtually dissolves and also releases the bug guts from the glass and it saves a whole lot of scrubbing. –Our thanks to George Bliss!

Check the drip tube in the back of your fridge
It’s a good idea to occasionally take a peek in the back of your RV refrigerator. They have a drip tube that channels off water from evaporation. Sometimes this tube leads to a drip container (often near the chimney) that evaporates off this water; others may “port” the water out of the rig harmlessly. In any event, if the tube gets loose and starts dripping water onto your RV framework, it can lead to damaging rot.

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Today’s brain teaser (answer below): Man walks over, and man swims under. In times of war, it can be burned asunder. What is it?


Why you shouldn’t level your awning
Always leave one end of the extended awning lower than the other. If both ends are the same height, rainwater will collect, causing the canvas to sag. When the collected water gets heavy enough it will destroy the fabric, or the metal frame, or both. From “Motorhomes Made Easy”

How much do used RVs sell for?
Another way to get an idea of what RVs are selling for is to check out eBay. Be sure to look at the “Completed listings” to see what RVs actually sold for. Sometimes the starting bid or the reserve price is way out of line and the RV will not sell. To view the “Completed listings” and see the actual price RVs sold for, log into your eBay account and then in the top right corner of your screen, in small print (just to the right of the big blue “Search” box), you will see the word, “Advanced”. Click on this link and then enter the keyword “motorhome”. Scroll down and click on the “Completed listings” box. Below that, enter a price range or at least enter a minimum price. If you don’t enter a minimum price, you will see 20,000 items including mirrors, clocks, headlights and everything that has the word “motorhome” in the listing. Then click on the blue “Search” box. This will take you to the list of completed auctions. The prices shown in green are the ones that sold. The prices shown in red are the ones that didn’t sell because their reserve price was higher than the highest bid or else they didn’t get a bid because their starting bid was too high.  From “Secrets of RVing on Social Security: How to Enjoy the Motorhome and RV Lifestyle While Living on Your Social Security Income

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The best coffee shops in America
Find your favorite cup o’ Joe at one of these 50 coffee shops across America. Happen to be near one on this list? Go give it a shot … or a double! Wink.

This neat map shows you trending keywords and hashtags in each state and around the world. See what people are talking about in Texas, Egypt, Brazil and China. 

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PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Speaking of coffee, this one is the world’s strongest

Answer to today’s brain teaser: A bridge

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3 years ago

Pandora’s Box. Countries waited to long to legalize. Now, drug use has destroyed families throughout the Americas. How many tens of thousands have died from growing, manufacturing, distributing and selling drugs not to mention the use. Now, because the price of pot is going up, other synthetics are being produced and sold wreaking havoc on societies.

I live in Mexico and our country is being decimated because of this. I have always said, “some countries enjoy their freedom and liberty at the expense of others”. Enough said.

3 years ago

Here is a slap in the face. I just saw a similar camper like the one I have and is being sold starting bid at 100. OK so I goofed? I should have gone E Bay? O wow. Wish I never read your article. I could had a V8….um a new camper instead of a 3 year loan. Next time I need something I think I will check out E bay. O wait I already do. But campers? O wow. Sticker shock folks.

Jennifer Lauter
3 years ago

Beware if you are a Canadian trying to enter the US. Even if you are leaving Canada (where marijuana use is legal) and cross the border where it is legal in the US (Washington, for example) you still have to pass through the federal border where immigration officials may ask you if you have “EVER used illegal drugs”. If you answer YES, you could be banned FOR LIFE from entering the US. You may refuse to answer, but you could be denied entry for that day only. You also may be banned for life from crossing into the US if you work in the cannabis industry in Canada or are a Canadian investor in the cannabis industry. Now there’s a good use of our tax dollars!

Karen Willis
3 years ago

I have never smoked pot – it wasn’t even on the radar where I lived at the age I would have been interested. However, my children, who were around users have told me they would much rather be on the road with some high on pot than drunk. Personally, I would MUCH rather be on the road with a drunk that someone texting. At least the drunk is focused on driving!

Diane M
3 years ago

1. Pot and alcohol are entry drugs for harder stuff for too many people. 2. I’ve seen too many potheads who never fully recovered from heavy usage when they were young. They think they’re fine, but they aren’t.
3. I don’t ever want my kids and grandkids to use the stuff, so I wouldn’t either.

Bob Godfrey
3 years ago

So, if marijuana stays in your system for about a month after usage are you considered “under the influence” for the entire month? If not, then where is the cutoff ?

3 years ago

Religion, politics, pot.

Sherry Dawson
3 years ago

I was already cautious about sharing the road with people driving drunk, texting on cell phones, or impaired by prescription drugs, illness, or age. Now many states have endangered me further by legalizing marijuana BEFORE developing roadside tests for impairment, and putting laws in place to determine if a driver is impaired. There is currently NO reliable way of determining who is impaired, and the few researchers working on the question don’t yet know how much is too much. Companies are rushing to get a marijuana “Breathalyzer” type test on the market, but so far, nothing is reliable.

Marijuana impairment is being studied and tested, but roadside testing will likely be a long time coming to a patrol car near you!

Here’s a link to an article that explains the current state of research and lack of roadside testing development:

Sherry Dawson
3 years ago
Reply to  Sherry Dawson

Here’s a link to an article about Hound Labs, the company who claims they have a Breathalyzer test for both alchohol and marijuana impairment almost ready. Note that the company qualifies their claims with, “Though the company’s breathalyzers cannot determine how much marijuana is in someone’s system, it can account for how recently that individual got high.”

Bill Johnson
3 years ago

The best product to clean a windshield of bugs is ” Bugs-N-All”

My windshields have never been cleaner.

Kevin in MN
3 years ago

I have a degree in Counseling Psychology and worked with addicts in treatment centers, prisons and other institutions. I’ve been abstinent from marijuana for over 40 years and discontinued alcohol use 15 years ago as my behavior when drinking was objectionable to others. I don’t subscribe to a “disease model” of chemical dependency as I believe there are more clear outcomes from treating problematic alcohol/drug users from a public health perspective, i.e. it’s nobody’s business if you drink yourself to death home alone but get behind the wheel of a vehicle or commit some other criminal act while intoxicated/high and society gets to punish you as severely as possible. To this end, legalization of marijuana makes perfect sense as it sets expectations for appropriate use and by extension defines inappropriate use. We’ve proven that prohibition does not work (Al Capone and other gangsters profited handsomely from this folly) and once again we’ve created a tax-free criminal empire to distribute marijuana. We’ve proven our ability to have liquor stores and bars contribute a great deal of tax revenue to their communities so there’s no reason to prevent regulated marijuana distributors from doing the same.

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

The few times I tried pot, I didn’t like the ‘buzz’ that everyone else seemed to crave. So that was it for me. No pot.

However, I DO like my cocktails.

What I find unfair about pot is, if you smoke the stuff on Friday night, and get a surprise drug test on Monday, you’re screwed because the evidence remains in your system for days, even weeks. If you shoot up something REALLY serious on Friday night, by Saturday afternoon you’re good to go. Just not fair.

Lisa Cantrell
3 years ago

I have never smoked pot and rarely drink (and never did before 21) but I am totally inn favor of its legalization, ore at least decriminalization. The reason that it is illegal are steeped in hatred and not science and the myths about it being unhealthy are some of the most dishonest. I have watched countless friends who were “dope smoking fiends” in high school (1960s) go on to become highly successful, happy adults while those who were drinkers are either dead, struggling with their alcohol addiction or recovering alcoholics.

3 years ago
Reply to  Lisa Cantrell

Have you ever interviewed prisoners in Federal prisons? I have and the top two reasons they ended up there, was they either started (at a very young age, 10 yrs and up), with Alcohol or Pot. About 95% used both or one of the substances. From there other wrong decisions. Yea, great idea to encourage people to use alcohol or pot….

Diane M
3 years ago
Reply to  bob

Bob, you are right on the money.

Mark E Orzech
3 years ago
Reply to  bob

That’s like saying, “if you use the on ramp, you’ll end up on the highway”. I worked in a prison for 29 years. Those people would have ended up there with or without alcohol and pot. They are the type that CAN’T/WON’T/REFUSE to take responsibility for their actions. “Let’s blame the pot.” Come on Bob. Do we blame the person or the pot?

3 years ago
Reply to  bob

I did both in college. Think ending up a bus driver years later was a wrong decision? Sometimes I wonder if bus driving is a prison sentence. Just a thought.