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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 993

Issue 993 • October 24, 2018

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More air from your ducts?
“We have a 2016 Jayco JayFlight and our best friend has a 2015 Jayco North Point, both with ducted A/C. In the course of helping my friend troubleshoot poor airflow and cooling, we found the round ceiling vents have two-inch long collars on them that were protruding halfway to the top of the duct, blocking most of the air flow into the room. Measuring from the face of the ceiling to the inside edge of the duct work on most of them we found 1 1/4” to 1 1/2” made them even with the interior edge of the duct. We easily cut them down with one of us holding a Dremel tool with a disc cutter while the other rotated the vent. Just make sure you don’t cut it short and blow air between the ceiling and the duct work. What a difference!! Greatly improved airflow that we estimate is up to 50% increase!” Thanks to Gene Cheatham.

Insulate your bed for cold winter nights
Mike Behn shares this timely tip: “My fifth wheel has a slide for the bed so when extended, the head of my bed is sticking out into open space. During cold months, I find myself piling on the covers but still feeling cold. The cold is coming from under the bed and through the mattress. I still have the insulated pads from my tenting days. Those pads were put on the tent floor to keep the cold from getting through from the ground to me. I discovered that using those pads under the mattress in the RV solves the problem of cold air getting to me from outside. If that’s not enough, try laying an open sleeping bag on top of the mattress under the fitted sheet. Winters in Colorado get really cold at night, but my urge to take the RV out of storage is as strong as ever.” Thanks, Mike!

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Today’s brain teaser (answer below): I have two bodies joined together as one. When standing still, I ran and ran. What am I?


Hoo-me on wikimedia commons

RV: Who’s driving?
Make sure other adults who travel with you are capable and confident in driving the motorhome or towing the trailer. It’s better to share the driving duties or, at a minimum, have the ability to drive if the need presents itself. Are you confident in driving or towing? Tip from Mark Polk, RV Education 101.

Water heater monitoring
We added a meat thermometer to the hot water outlet of our water heater, and use this to measure the temperature of our hot water. –From 100 RV Tips and Tricks (Mack’s RV Handbook). 

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Photo by Kimberly Vardeman, Flickr

Best fall weekend getaways
Reader’s Digest has done it again! Here’s a great list of unique weekend trips to take this fall. Kayak, hunt for ghosts, pick apples and go fly fishing! 

Winter boot shopping!
It’s time to keep those feet warm! If you’re in need of new winter boots, whether it’s just to keep your feet warm while walking the dog, or to trudge through snow, Amazon has you covered. 

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PRODUCT OF THE DAY: You’ll only want this if you’ve got a … crappy sense of humor. Ha!

Answer to today’s brain teaser: An hourglass

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  • ‘To the Outhouse’ by Willie Maket, Illustrated by Betty Wont
  • ‘How to Survive a Bear Attack’ by Ben Eaton
  • ‘The Yellow River’ by I.P. Daily
  • ‘Over the Mountaintop’ by Hugo First
  • ‘Falling Off a Cliff’ by Eileen Dover
  • ‘I Was Prepared’ by Justin Case
  • ‘Smelly Stuff’ by Anita Bath
  • ‘Raise Your Arms’ by Harry Pitt

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Sherry Dawson
4 years ago

Re warm bedding, I put a sleeping bag under the mattress, and a sheepskin rug on top (since I no longer need it on a floor. Cozy and downy soft

4 years ago

I will check Amazon but can usually find things cheaper elsewhere. I prefer eBay.

John T
4 years ago

I shopped regularly at Amazon when I lived in a house with a real address, and bought most of the stuff for my new trailer on Amazon. Once I got on the road full time, and had to have stuff shipped to General Delivery at Post Offices, Amazon was a disaster. You have no control over how they ship, and when they use UPS, On Track, or another courier instead of USPS, the packages do not get delivered. My last Amazon order was shipped in 5 packages. One came to the post office by USPS. Two were shipped by UPS, and disappeared. Tracking on the Amazon site said they had been delivered to the Post Office, but the PO said they had never arrived there, but if they had, they would have been refused. I eventually found them stranded at a UPS warehouse in Yuma, and had to make an 80 mile round trip to pick them up. Yuma is snowbird central, and the UPS warehouse man told me he had over 100 Amazon packages addressed to Post Office general delivery, waiting for the recipients to pick them up or they would be sent back to Amazon. Amazon sent the other two packages by On Track, who called me and said they couldn’t deliver them, and needed another address. I told them to send them back to Amazon. I engaged in a lengthy attempt to get Amazon to understand that if the address is General Delivery, they MUST ship by USPS. After many back-and-forth communications, it was obvious that Amazon did not care whether the orders got delivered or not, and I gave up. That was a year ago. Since then, I have ordered from and picked up at a local store. If Walmart doesn’t have it or can’t ship to a store, I do without.

John Crawford
4 years ago
Reply to  John T

Amazon now has hundreds of delivery lockers located all over the US. You can now have a package dropped off at a locker of your choosing and Amazon will send you a code for the locker your order is in. You’ll have 3 days to pick it up before it’s returned for a refund. This service is free.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago
Reply to  John T

Interesting story, John T. Will keep your story in mind if we decide to try having anything delivered to “General Delivery” at the PO.

4 years ago

Be sure and compare prices with other on line stores. I bought rear airshocks for Nissan Frontier. $150 Amazon, $100 @ other on line store…dont remember which one. Rock auto low priced but they charge shipping. I do check local auto parts stores and would buy from them but they are always higher.

David C
4 years ago

“Under The Bleachers” by Seymour Butts

Kelly R
4 years ago

I put “never”, but I have only purchased a couple of items on-line in my life and those were parts for machines I was working on.
At my age, I am trying to get rid of stuff – not buy / accumulate stuff.

Eric Meslin
4 years ago

I shop at Amazon fairly often (every 2-3 weeks). I’ve only made one return, and it was way easier than I thought. I got credit immediately upon mailing at a UPS store (who even taped up the box for me). It did cost a few bucks though. Normally I only buy items that I’ve touched elsewhere, or those where I pretty much know what I’m buying. Home Depot and Walmart are great because I can return them to the store for full credit.

I have a Dometic A/C unit in my TT. Their duct covers are pitiful (cheap round non-directional). We had the ones pictured in the tip above with our Coleman unit on a previous TT. I was able to find them on Amazon, and after resizing the holes in the ceiling am much happier.

Our previous TT was not as well insulated and the entire bed platform was open to the very cold storage bay below. I tried some bubble insulation, but what worked best was a couple of sheets of Styrofoam insulation fastened with large washers and screws to the plywood under the mattress.

Bill Bateman
4 years ago

Let’s put this Trump/Lemonis thing to rest … From Snopes …

” … During a 16 August interview for CNBC’s Power Lunch, host Michelle Caruso-Cabrera asked Lemonis (who hosts his own show, The Profit, on the same network) about business leaders’ distancing themselves from the Trump administration in the aftermath of the President’s response to Charlottesville. (President Trump had disbanded two of his business advisory councils after several corporate leaders resigned from them in response to his comments about the ‘Unite the Right Rally’ in Charlottesville. The remark by Lemonis that was seized upon occurred in the following context:

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera: Marcus, you have a consumer-facing business, Camping World. So do you worry about — if you were on one of these [presidential] councils, would you worry, thinking ‘Wow, I’ve got to deal with consumers every day, are they going to look at the business poorly because I’m associated with the White House?’

Marcus Lemonis: There’s no doubt that there is [sic] probably not many consumers in this country today that are in favor of what has been said in the last couple of days and if they are, quite frankly don’t shop at my business. And I think the reality of it is is that there is a fear, there is a fear of association.

Lemonis said that anyone “in favor of what has been said in the last couple of days” should not shop at his business. He did not say anyone who supported President Trump, or even agreed with President Trump in general, should not shop at his stores. In fact, he didn’t even reference President Trump specifically, simply referring generally to “what has been said in the last couple of days.”
Now get in your rig and enjoy the world.

4 years ago
Reply to  Bill Bateman

I will, as I boycott Camping World who sell rigs to gullible people, sells them 20 and 30 year loans with little down, then won’t back the low end crap they sell and refuse to service properly.

I do buy products from the store, and I do use the fuel card available. I would NEVER buy an RV from the greedy and unethical company.

4 years ago
Reply to  Bill Bateman

“Snopes”- that doesn’t hold much water………….

Kevin in MN
4 years ago
Reply to  Dennis

I know right, Snopes said Obama was born a US Citizen, wasn’t a Muslim and that Trump has paid to silence accusers and really isn’t a self-made millionaire but thankfully FOX, Breitbart and Drudge know the real truth…..
Good lord, come out of your bunker and get some sunshine.

4 years ago

Charles… I think you made your point. And by the way, the word is “want”, not “won’t”. No disrespect intended. :>)

I use Amazon a lot and picked once a week for ordering. We too (like Packrat) kinda live in the boonies where major retail stores are far enough away that just $$ for fuel going back and forth can make Amazon Prime worth while. I try to remember to use the rvtravel’s Amazon button, but in my advanced age, that doesn’t always happen. I don’t think that anything I’ve needed, I can’t get from Amazon with a couple of quick clicks, it’s done and on my doorstep in two days.

Gary Lindahl
4 years ago
Reply to  Ron

The contraction, won’t, represents the term “will not.”
Want is not the correct word. Won’t is correct.

RV Staff
4 years ago
Reply to  Gary Lindahl

Gary and Ron — It was a typo. Charles meant to type “want.” And I removed several of his redundant comments. —Diane at

4 years ago

My favorite “books never written” –

‘Tiger’s Revenge’ by Claude Balls

4 years ago

amazon can be lower cost on some items, and it is shipped to your door, (i am still stick-n-brick). so saves on the cost of fuel and your time, if you do not need it “today”.
wally world is 20 miles away, nothing closer, except a very small, poorly stocked hardware store.
closest rv shop is a good 50 miles away.
and the rip off camping world, is over 100 miles from here.
not been back to them in decades, they hooked up with chase bank. i said forget them.

4 years ago

We like our travel trailer bedroom chilly at night with warm bedding. However my ears and nose were getting cold so now I wear an oversize hoodie to bed, pull the hood up and cover most of my face to stay toasty warm. Also the hood serves as a sleep mask so the day light doesn’t wake me up. Sexy? No. Cozy? Yes!

4 years ago

Today’s question about Amazon. Parameter’s too tight. We shop at Amazon about 2-4 times per year.

Judy Glazier
4 years ago

I did buy from Amazon occasionally and mistakenly accepted the offer for a ‘Prime’ card/membership. Turns out this costs $13.87 per month even when you don’t buy anything. I cancelled the card and stopped doing business with Amazon.

4 years ago
Reply to  Judy Glazier

I read everything before joining. I pay it once a year and use there TV channel. I no longer belong to Camping World since the owner stated that he did not wont my patronage any more.

Barry Kanne
4 years ago

In school we were taught that heat rises. With that in mind, when it came to keeping warm in our RV bed on those cold winter nights we found great comfort in a heated mattress pad. For about $100 you can keep toasty without adding to the bulk of your RV bedding. These pads are available in most bed sizes and come with single or dual controls. Most models don’t draw much current and will serve you well when you travel in colder climates. They are great for warming up the bed before you turn in for the night. You can find a variety of choices on Amazon.

4 years ago

Same as Sheri and Bob: I put once a month bc we have Amazon Prime for TV and order something occasionally.

4 years ago

I agree with Bob. I said once a month, but it’s not that often…. however in a year I’m sure we order way more than 12 items.

Bob Godfrey
4 years ago

We buy from Amazon but only once in awhile which does not fit into any of your categories.