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RVelectricity – WAGO connectors in load centers

By Mike Sokol

Industry Updates

WAGO connectors could become an industry standard

After my article a few weeks ago about an improved wire splice system that could eliminate wire nuts in RVs (read Leggo my WAGO), I was contacted by Progressive Dynamics, who offered to send me one of their new power distribution panels with WAGO connectors instead of standard screw-terminal strips. According to a field engineer there, this spring-loaded design could eliminate screws loosening up from road vibration, or improperly installed wire nuts, which are likely the reasons for many failed and overheated connections in RVs.

So yes, I just received a Progressive Dynamics load center via UPS today, along with a bonus ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) for generators that are also hooked up with WAGO connectors. This is now available on the higher-end products from Progressive Dynamics, and it will likely migrate into other product lines as well.

However, I’ve had a few reports of WAGO connector failures in the field, and have been in contact with the manufacturer trying to discover what the cause of these failures could have been.

But for now, this is a really interesting wiring product that should make for safer connections in your RV’s electrical system. Please post your comments and questions about WAGO splice connectors below.

Let’s play safe out there….



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John Goodell
3 years ago

Are WAGO connectors appropriate for connections that are exposed to the elements, such as brake wiring?

3 years ago

Much older park model RV’s used receptacles with push in wire connections 25+ years ago. These spring type connectors made only a small area contact with the wire and frequently failed. Installed commercial duty screw type receptacles, no further problems. Ideal connectors are a neat way to make clean connections in tight spaces but have a similar small area spring contact. I’m sure however, the materials today are of better quality.

Alton Oakes
3 years ago

I notice that the WAGO connections are only on the load side of the panel. Don’t the ground and neutral buss screws vibrate loose as well?

Steve Kight
3 years ago
Reply to  Alton Oakes

For now, the WAGO connectors are only on the low voltage DC terminals.

Michael Walters: VP sales Progressive Dynamics Inc
3 years ago
Reply to  Alton Oakes

Hello Alton
You are correct and we are in the process of eliminating all screws. By January I should have prototype connectors for the buss bars. Development for lug replacement is a big nut to crack but Wago is working on it. Genuine Wago’s are UL listed.

Mike Sokol
3 years ago
Reply to  Alton Oakes

Yes, which is why you should check for the tightness of these connectors every season

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