RVer dies after airborne RV crashes onto departed ferry boat


Warning: Video contains disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised.
On Monday, June 24, a surveillance camera captured a terrifying accident on a ferry in Tadoussac, Quebec, where an RV can be seen jumping the ramp and landing approximately 30 feet away on the deck of the departed ferry. The driver of the RV, 40-year-old Eric Belec from Laval, Quebec, later died of his injuries, while a female passenger is in critical condition.

Witnesses are hailing Belec as a hero. He did everything he could to warn people around him by honking at pedestrians and avoiding other vehicles as his RV sped out of control  – reportedly due to mechanical difficulties.

The ferry runs between the towns of Tadoussac and Baie-Sainte-Catherine. No one on-board the ferry was injured. Sources: globalnews.ca and CCTV.


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Thomas Becher

That Rv just fell apart. Wow no safety built into it.

John Koenig

Wow! If the brakes did fail, then I’m sure glad the Super-C, Freightliner Class 7 HDT my RV is built on has AIR brakes. In an air brake system, total brake failure (rapid loss of air pressure) results in strong springs locking the brakes ON (which results in a VERY abrupt and short stop). Hydraulic brake systems usually have TWO brake circuits so that a loss of one circuit doesn’t mean a total failure. It will be interesting to hear what the investigation will find.

Robert Coleman

It’s sad that that is your only response. And your nickname is”iamsmarterthanthatguy”.
I don’t think so. I don’t believe you even own an RV. You may want to spend more of your energy and cruel comments on your SnapChat and Facebook page. Somebody lost a loved one and he died preventing other people form being injured or killed in the his last moments. THAT is “doing all you can” when everything underneath you has failed.
What would you do when all else has failed and you know you’re about to die, SmartGuy?


I assure you, you are NOT “smarter than that guy”… neutral would be wrong except for a stuck accellerator. For brake failure, you *downshift* aggressively and keep the engine on to retain power steering.

Peter McDonald

Please!!!! A bit of compassion and kindness people!!!

Mike Sokol

This is a sad and tragic story that points out the need for additional large vehicle training for anyone who drives an RV, especially a large one. Commercial truck drivers are taught all kinds of ways to deal with potentially dangerous (and deadly) road situations. This training begins in the CDL handbook which covers everything from how to deal with a blown front tire, to taking turns slowly enough, to dealing with failed brakes, to placing reflective triangles if you’re stopped on the roadside. Plus it includes a daily checklist of important safety items such as a quick tire inspection, cleaning the windows and mirrors, etc….

In Maryland you can get the entire CDL study guide for free at your local MVA office. Now, you don’t need to actually take the CDL test to learn from the book. But I suggest you get a copy of this CDL handbook and study it. I’ve read it from cover to cover several times and keep it in my bathroom library for consideration while “relaxing”. While the old adage goes “Knowledge is Power” I’m going to amend that to say “Knowledge is Safety”.

Now, I’m not saying that reading the CDL handbook would have saved this unfortunate guy’s life, but it could save yours, so study up.

Rory R

I read a separate article that said his brakes failed at the top of the hill, now what good would turning the key off and putting the trans in neutral could possibly do. It also sounds like he had his hands full trying to warn pedestrians and avoid hitting other vehicles.

Chuck Woodbury

Bob Bolduc, are you a psychiatrist? How can you dare assume he had depression and wanted to end his life? That’s a ridiculous statement.

Brad Chalker

read you moron


Oh is that what it looks like? Moron…


If you read the actual article, though short, it will inform you that the RV was having mechanical problems, however, he controlled it to the best of his abilities under the circumstances.


Did you seriously not read the article?!?!?! It says he had mechanical issues.