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RVer Safety: Weapon insurance options for liability coverage


By Mike Sherman
The ability to come up with pricing for weapon insurance options for liability coverage can be difficult for our readers. It appears the cost is determined by several factors unique to each individual’s needs and desired coverage.

One would be required to answer several questions centered around the type of weapon, usage, limits of coverage, occupation (range instructor or retired law enforcement can make a difference on premiums) and other particulars only you can answer. You can consult with your current insurer for a rider to add liability, or purchase a stand-alone policy.

Your basic homeowners policy will not cover you if you intentionally shoot someone. It’s a different matter if it was an accident. It would appear the smart way to go would be an independent policy based on your specific needs.

Without opening a can of worms and getting into the pros and cons of joining an organization, I’ve listed three options below. Two of them may require you join their organization: the USCCA or the NRA. For obvious reasons, we won’t get into the issues around membership; we all know that would take us down a rabbit hole of controversy.

Gun ownership mandates extra responsibilities. If your need is basic insurance coverage for theft, loss from fire and other “normal” claims, then your homeowner’s/full-time RVer’s coverage would probably be sufficient. However, if you carry it on your person in public, either exposed or concealed (based on your location), then you may want to consider added insurance for liability coverage. It would appear the cost is reasonable and would afford you some peace of mind for just about any situation. You’ve heard this before: “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”.

“Have Gun, Will Travel” … Travel in peace. The need to actually have to use it is minimal, even in America.

Here are some insurance options:

USCCA® Membership – United States Concealed Carry Association

U.S. LawShield – Legal defense for self-defense

ArmsCare®Plus Firearms Insurance for NRA Members

Note: We know what we discuss in this column may be controversial. While we invite your polite, constructive comments, inflammatory remarks will be immediately deleted.

Mike Sherman is a retired street cop and investigator with 30+ years of RV experience as a traveler, camp host and all-around advocate for the joys of living on the road. His articles are for general discussion purposes only – you should always consult your local authorities or legal counsel for specific answers if necessary. Write him at if you have questions, or leave a comment below. 

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Jan E.
3 years ago

One thing you might mention is the state that you live in may not allow that insurance company. Washington state has banned NRA insurance.

Greg Illes
3 years ago

Mike, FWIW
Since I’m an NRA member, I took a few minutes and browsed all of the links on the Armscare site. I could find no policies that applied to self-defense coverage for a typical citizen (non-instructor, non-retired LE etc). Didn’t have the time to check out the other sites yet.

Mike Sherman
3 years ago
Reply to  Greg Illes

That’s what I get for assuming. The link is misleading based on your conclusions. Perhaps the actual, official NRA website provides better links for insurance.

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