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RVers must take responsibility for their own safety

By Bob Difley RVers must take responsibility for their own safety, especially when boondocking. One of the many joys associated with boondocking is finding those...
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RV weight limits can sneak up on you

By Greg Illes I've learned to always drive my RV within its specified weight limits. How I learned this is a long and somewhat sordid...

DANGER: Beware of camping with only one road in and out

By Barry Zander Only one road in and out: It’s a situation that RV owners need to take to heart, which became more obvious this...
Tornadoes and RVs not a good mix

Tornadoes and RVs: Motorhomer dies in South Dakota

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Tornadoes and RVs don’t mix. This sad reminder comes from Miller, South Dakota, where an affable 73-year old motorhome...

This video could save you from danger during a tire blowout

Chad and Tara of Changing Lanes take wonderful care of their tires. They protect them with UV spray, they check to make sure they're...
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A sad warning about flimsy step stools

By Barry Zander For those of you who have ever tripped coming out of your RV, this story is for you (and a warning for...

Master your cruise control for smooth traveling

By Greg Illes Most RVs have Cruise control capability, either on the steering wheel or one of the steering column controls. Most drivers have a...
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When boondocking, do you have a backup plan if something fails in the RV?

By Dave Helgeson Self-reliance is part of the attraction for many who RV: the ability to go where you want, when you want, taking care...

Stupid RV tricks we’d rather forget

By Russ and Tiña De Maris If you've spent any kind of time as an RVer, you have one (or, sadly, more) experience you'd just...

Don’t feed the mosquitoes – Protecting yourself from insects

By Greg Illes Let’s face it – the lovely forests and streams that we all enjoy when we are out-and-about are fantastic havens for all...
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Sticky LP problem: Valve not passing gas

by Russ and Tiña De Maris Here's a nightmare: It's a cold day, your rig is freezing and you're out of LP. So you refill...

Important warning! Bad RV door part can lock your loved ones in the RV

By Russ and Tiña De Maris We’ve been RVing for nearly 35 years and we still fall into the “Learn something new every day” category....