Saturday, May 27, 2023


RVers Can Rent Boats, ATVs, and More at Destination

Henry David Thoreau warned: “Beware of ventures requiring new clothes.” As RVers, most of us have the clothes we need at any stop. But imagine arriving at your destination and finding warm weather, and beautiful lake, and no way to explore it. Instead of buying new equipment, here’s a way you might be able to rent it–at a reduced cost.

Rich Hall spent eight years in the RV rental business, helping folks learn about the joys of the RV lifestyle without having to plunk down a large amount of cash to buy a rig. Now Rich has a new wrinkle: A web site where folks with RVs, motorcyles, boats, ATVs and other “recreational equipment” can offer to rent them out to folks who likewise don’t want to plunk down a wad of cash to buy something they may need for only a short time. The site,, offers a meeting place for folks wanting to rent recreational equipment to find folks who have it to rent.

Hall’s operation breaks down the US into states, and pull-down menus help would-be renters find equipment within the state, or within a given mile radius of any city. Those with equipment can provide full details of the equipment, photos, and more right on the site. Neither renter nor rental provider are charged for the servivce. We wondered how Hall could make much of a living, and he told us advertising revenues from links and banners are keeping the site going while he builds up for the future. Eventually, Hall tells us, there may be a “flat rate” fee charged to equipment owners.

Meantime, if you’re looking for an ATV to investigate the dunes near Yuma, or a ski-doo to shoot through the waters of a nearby lake, check out


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