RVtravel.com’s ‘Camper Slobs of the Week’


Most RVers and other campers respect nature, the environment, and other people.

But check out the mess one group of slob-campers left after a weekend of camping in Arizona’s Prescott National Forest. Forest Service personnel who had to clean up the mess snapped these photos, which were posted to Twitter. They slammed those responsible for not picking up after themselves. “OK. Glad we convinced you to use an ashtray, but did you really have to leave this mess for us to pick up?” the tweet said.

RV Travel is happy to nominate those responsible for this mess our Slob Campers of the Week.


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Bob W

There’s low life everywhere you look

NM Gringa

I agree that this wasn’t a campground mess. It’s debris from the gutting of an RV. Normal camping wouldn’t include doors, cabinets and interior side walls.


We always pick up our site when we arrive to a mess so that it doesn’t mess up the whole experience. I think it is terrible to leave garbage for others to clean up when it takes little effort to pick up after yourself and leave the spot better than you found it.

Colin Grant

Public shaming online works and refusal of service for a year in parks.

Michael McCracken

Living in Arizona for many years, I am embarrassed that someone would leave such a mess in one of our beautiful camping areas. There is no excuse for this and I would hope they find out who did this and impose some big fines.

F. Gisler

Sometimes I think the campground host plays a part in how the campground is maintained (or not!). We camped here in CA last year and all the garbage cans were overflowing with garbage in our loop. I noticed that the host spent a good part of his day throwing back a few beers and visiting with his camping neighbors. Seems like he would be the one to take a trash bag or two and clean up around the overflowing cans. I guess his arm was too tired from lifting those brews all day! Very disappointing! Yes, I wrote a review of the campground and mentioned this.


Many national forests have only one or two “law enforcement” rangers to patrol many thousands of acres of land, with few roads to get from one area to another. We need to take responsibility for ourselves, and hope the rest of our outdoor neighbors do the same.


Recently in a dispersed camping area in Coconino National Forest, (NF 535) we found a site that was much worse than this one…..only 12 miles from Flagstaff. I took pictures and reported (phone call to a machine) the mess to National Forest officials. They never responded.

In the last few years as fulltime boondockers, we’ve noticed that there is little law enforcement can do because of budget restraints. People just don’t care if they think they can get away with it. The only thing we can do as good citizens is to leave our campsite cleaner than we found it. If we don’t do something, dispersed camping will become a ghost of the times.


We are blessed and have never seen such as this. I bet the people who left this mess have a similar experience in their home environment and community. Too bad they didn’t stay home.


And the Park Personnel did not know this was going on? Certainly someone must have been patrolling the park.

I could see a HUGE FINE in order here! Of course that would be after they cleaned the mess up!

Man O Man, this is just sad!


These are the same people who throw their fast food containers, beer bottles, soda cans, household garbage, etc. along the roadside. They’re basically lazy, no-good slobs and I’m afraid this is never going to change unless we’re willing to jail offenders


Seems to me that this mess wasn’t the end result of a weekend camping but a total destruction of an old RV. There are lazy, ignorant people everywhere…sadly…..who do not respect anything.
We have a small recreational property which abuts a lovely river. We regularly find garbage dumped, from dirty baby diapers to fast food containers and empty bottles and once, the hide of a deer during hunting season! We were advised not to post “private property” or “no littering” signs because apparently those actually INCREASE dumping (or so we were told). And also, we were warned not to put any garbage containers on site because that would stimulate some folks to fill them with their garbage and possibly lead to huge dumpings. What in the world is wrong with people? This type of dumping on private and/or public lands shows gross ignorance and total disregard for anyone but themselves. Makes me incredibly sad to see this photo. I hope that the NFS staff can track down the culprits. They should be made to “pay” by being forced to clean up campsites and garbage dumpings by others for months to atone for their sin.


That’s just terrible! I hope the bill gets their attention, but if they are truly wandering homeless, will it even get to them? This ruins it for the rest of us.

John Yellowolf

This makes me nauseous to see! Stuff like this is what gives me NO hope for humanity – worthless slobs – seriously! Just worthless. 🙁


They weren’t campers/rv’ers-they are the homeless on wheels & we’re seeing more of that everyday.


Do you really think they were ‘camping’ … ?? Look at the debris. This is a disassembled camper/trailer. Can’t imagine much of anything was left of the unit itself. BUT, we have seen real camping messes that were left behind by those who DID camp in the location.

In one case in California, the Park Patrol did take pics and they told us they have the license number of the vehicle and a bill would be sent to the registered owner.


As the Man
Said you cannot fix STUPID.


you cannot fix stupid, not even with duct tape and bailing wire