Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 Podcast #11, June 15, 2021

Host Scott Linden is back with another dose of RV news, information and entertainment. Listen to the podcast below.

June 15, 2021 edition

Program lineup: #11

Find a spot near Yellowstone, buy your own, tour the “Trees of Mystery,” and learn how to get RV service when you need it

Ep. 11 of the RV Travel podcast: Find more places to park, a mysterious destination to visit, and why a service appointment is so hard to get … plus a Yellowstone RV park that has room for you this summer. It’s all part of the RV Travel podcast … radio for the Internet!

At 2:00, host Scott Linden connects you to an RV Park in West Yellowstone that has vacancies, if you act fast.


The RV Travel podcast is brought to you by SoftStartRV, Clear20 water filters and Teardrop Shop, which offers many great accessories for smaller trailers.

At 7:20 Ryan Kuchler of explains his new service  matches RV site owners with potential users. He’ll forecast trends and help you find RV spaces for sale or rent, from short-term to full-time. He outlines search tactics and explains some of the land-use hoops you might have to jump through if you want to buy your own land.

At 22:15 Our new partners at HearHere take us on an adventure to the Trees of Mystery, a magical place on the Northern California coast offering natural wonders and a skyway through some of the largest trees in the world.

At 27:00 Curt Hemmeler of the RV Technical Institute helps us manage maintenance of our rigs and explains why it takes so long to get service at a dealership or repair facility. He explains what you can do yourself to minimize trips to the repair facility, and tools RVTI will be providing soon that we can use. Plus: why dealer groups buying independent dealers might help us get a service appointment sooner.

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