Saturday, December 3, 2022


Save water by washing in a dishpan


As RVers, it’s a natural for us to be a bit on the “conservative” side, after all, fresh water comes dear, and places to put waste water are just the same.

Most RVers recognize that when it’s dishwashing time, it’s best to wash in a dish pan, rather than in the sink. Why so? Because using a dishpan means you’ll usually use less water. Less fresh water consumed, less waste water produced.

Sometimes finding a dish pan that fits the RV sink is a bit of a trick. Here’s a source you might not have thought of: Ever had the misfortune of spending a day or two in the hospital? Nearly everyone receives a little plastic pan, and hey, it belongs to them! Got a friend in the hospital? Don’t let ’em leave without taking that little dishpan with them for your RV.

After you’ve washed your RV dishes up in that mini-pan, don’t just chuck it down the sink. If you’re boondocking (away from a utility hookup site), you’ll probably find your gray water waste tank is the first to fill up. To stretch your time before having to take off and dump the tank, dump your dishwater down the toilet. It won’t hurt your black water contents (or the tank) but it will “buy” you more time.

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