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Seasonal RVers see 71% rate hike from new owners at Wisconsin park

Seasonal campers at an RV park near Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, got a rude jolt this month when they received a letter from the park’s new owners telling them their summer camping rates will increase by 71%.

The Egg Harbor Campground was purchased by HTR Investors, a Boston-based company, on December 16, 2021. The 60 seasonal campers who had already put down their site deposits for the 2022 season received a letter from a management company called Advanced Outdoor Solutions (AOS) telling them the rate was increasing from $3,200 per season (May to October) to $5,500 per season.

Seasonal campers like Allen Feldman said he and the other RVers had paid their usual $500 deposits to the previous owners last fall.

“To me that constitutes an agreement,” Feldman said. “There’s something wrong here. They want everyone out by the end of March after saying nothing for months. It’s ridiculous. To me it looks like they’re trying to chase everybody out so they can do something else with the property.”

The RV residents say it’s far too late to find other accommodations for the summer. The letter from AOS said summer renters have until March 31 to commit to the new summer rate or remove their campers from the property.

Residents said they believe the new owners have bigger plans for the property, and just want them out. According to a January article in Business Wire, HTR Investors has contracted with Oklahoma-based SG ECHO for architectural consulting and engineering services to build RV and glamping units for several of its properties, including Egg Harbor. The company specializes in using recycled shipping containers to create residential and commercial spaces.

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6 months ago

The reason the rv market became as big as it is now. It was a cheaper and better alternative than vacation rentals, housing, motels.

People of a certain age could use them as a mobile retirement condo.

It’s quickly no longer that way. The closer the cost becomes the less the rv market will sustain.

Between rising fuel costs. Maintenance costs. The biggest change is the type of consumer. The biggest complaint I’ve heard is favorite parks once quiet peaceful parks are now overrun by large families with half a dozen screaming unsupervised children. Adults blasting music for the entire campground smashing back natty ice like it’s going out of style. This used to be some certain kinds of parks… Now it’s the resorts, the national parks, especially thousand trails.

I’ve been working with campers for years. I used to enjoy them as it was consistently kind, polite, appreciative. The comments below further proves the kind of people who are into rv’s.

Love the comments

6 months ago

Thousand Trails too has had an enormous price hike. Corporate Greed at its best.

captain gort
6 months ago

So- follow free market principles! Go camp somewhere else!!!

John Irvine
6 months ago

I’m sure the new owners will make a much greater profit on short term rentals. Just a part of free capitalism.

Last edited 6 months ago by John Irvine

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