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Should RVers file complaint with shop for minor problem?

Dear RV Shrink:
rvshrinkWe recently had some work done on our motorhome levelers. The service was quick and reasonably priced, the owner was a great guy who treated us very well, and I was very pleased as I paid and walked out to the motorhome to leave. There I found my wife who moved back in once the unit was brought out of the shop. She was not a happy camper. The motorhome reeked of cigarette smoke. It was a cold morning, but she had several windows open trying to air it out. Although I had no control over this situation I got the hot tongue and cold shoulder for the next hundred miles, until the rig reeked no more.

My dilemma is I’m conflicted as to what to do. Should I complain to the business owner who was so nice, or let it slide? Even with this indiscretion I would highly recommend this place of business to other RVers. The excellent customer service otherwise is a rare occasion in the RV world. We try to preempt service oversights by putting down carpet coverings and upholstery covers because so many service organizations have no clue when it comes to entering vehicles and recreational vehicles. —Nicotined in Nashville

Dear Nic:
You will be doing the owner a disservice if you do not drop him a line. He needs to know how his customers feel, good and bad. I would be sure to tell him how pleased you were if you haven’t already. I am sure he will be eager to hear that after all his efforts to give you quick service and reasonable rates he gets scored lower for the actions of his mechanic. He may not even be aware of this work habit. It’s annoying that in this day and age people are still inconsiderate enough to smoke in someone else’s home without permission.

When I was in high school I worked for the largest Airstream dealer in the country. One of my jobs was to clean up trade-ins for resale. Part of that job was washing down the painted interior walls. Many trailers were yellow with nicotine stain that would roll off like wet paint when sprayed with cleaner. That may be why I, unlike Bill Clinton, have never inhaled. I never wanted the inside of my lungs to look like the inside of those used Airstreams.

The carpet and upholstery point is also well made. It is better safe than sorry when having work done on your rig to cover things yourself. It seems like that would be the first rule of service but I am amazed at how many business employees never give a thought to walking through an RV with their shoes on and not bringing any coverings for seats they may need to sit in. —Keep Smilin’, RV Shrink


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