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Sleep tourism aims to provide travelers with good night’s sleep

Is there no end to the ways the travel industry can find new ways to promote itself? The latest trend, according a press release we received in the newsroom, is “sleep tourism.” The premise is that millions upon millions of people are sleep-deprived. What they yearn for, perhaps more than sipping margaritas in Hawaii or visiting historic castles, is getting a good night’s sleep.

We should pause to note that many RVers would say that traveling with their RV accomplishes that mission very well. But back to the subject at hand, quoting the press release liberally:

For the unfamiliar, Sleep Tourism is a travel experience designed for guests with sleep as the prime “destination.” With 50 million Americans suffering from sleep problems, it is no surprise, the release notes, that the travel industry is looking to tap into this growing issue.

James Smith from the travel website Travel Lingual suggests, “Over the past years we have seen the growth of wellness offerings for travelers, it is only natural that this should extend to sleep too.”

New sleep experiences to hit the market range from retreats intended to restart sleep patterns to luxury hotel suites designed with sleep in mind. A few examples:

Luxury Sleep Suites – Park Hyatt New York
Park Hyatt New York has created the Sleep Suite concept to ensure guests get a deep slumber. The suite comes equipped with an AI-powered Bryte bed that is designed to optimise temperature throughout sleep stages leading to a better night’s sleep. Guests will also find sleep accessories such as sleep masks, essential oils, and sleep-related books [does that mean books that are so boring they put you to sleep?].

If a bustling New York City doesn’t drum up images of a good night’s sleep, perhaps a remote cabin in the English countryside might appeal more. White House Hideaway has launched a “Sleep Weekend” which includes a consultation with a qualified Sleep Coach before, during and after the weekend so that guests can get the most out of their stay. Guests will arrive at the off-grid cabin to find a sleep welcome pack containing a sleep journal, eye mask, ear plugs and more.

For those looking for a longer sleep holiday, award-winning wellness resort Preidlhof in northern Italy offers a highly personalized seven-day Sleep Better retreat. Guests are fitted with a smart device to monitor their sleep throughout the stay. Various treatments are included such as a sleep massage, dolomitic sleep rituals [whatever that is], acupuncture and sound and quartz classes. The program is supervised by Dr. Med. A. Angerer [whoever he is].

When staying at The Cadogan, a Belmond Hotel in London’s Chelsea, guests can take advantage of a sleep concierge service. Harley Street hypnotherapist and sleep expert Malminder Gill [whoever he is] provides meditation, consultations and other services to send visitors to sleep. Guests can also choose from the ‘pillow menu’ to customize their sleep set-up.

So there you have it. Do you yearn for a better night’s sleep? Our editors at would suggest that instead of flying off to a distant hotel or cabin, you find a quiet place far from the crowds to stay a week with your RV. Bring along a few good books, stow your electronic devices, and then relax outside beneath your awning reading, day-dreaming and catnapping in a comfy chaise lounge.



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14 days ago


14 days ago

Just get off your electronic device and relax, either at home or elsewhere. You really don’t need to know what the world is doing 24/7. Sleep will come.

14 days ago

We are halfway through a 2 month trip in our coach. After taking a similar, but shorter trip in our car 2 years ago, we are so thankful for the RV. Yes, driving is a little more tiring, fuel costs more, etc., but lodging and meal savings even out expenses, and we sleep so much better in our own bed. We like not having to move things in and out, not having to check for bed bugs, being able to stop when tired, and being able to fix drinks/snacks at will.

15 days ago

Just why I don’t need to visit parks where I have to make an appointment and get up at 6:00 am to meet my obligated enter time RVing with a schedule is the same as going to work. You don’t have to schedule a park. You can sit back, relax, and stare at a squirrel almost anywhere.

15 days ago

I just came up to MT with my RV for the summer and the first thing my son and dil did is leave me with the kids so they can get some sleep. They opened a bar last summer and have been going since. They went to Nashville to not be disturbed.

Tommy Molnar
15 days ago

“Sleep Tourism”. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in a long time. So, pack your bags, spend the big bucks to book a room – to sleep in – and you’re good to go. What could be better?

15 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

+ 1

Real Patriot
15 days ago

Article sure had a lot to do with RVing, didn’t it?

15 days ago
Reply to  Real Patriot

I needed a nap after reading it.

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