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Texas’ Stonehenge is good RV short stop

By Chuck Woodbury
It’s called Stonehenge 2, but it’s not. Maybe Stonehenge 3 or 4, maybe 5. There are a lot of Stonehenge’s, that’s why. Still, you don’t have to go all the way to England to see it. Just mosey on down to Ingram, Texas, population 1,800, where Stonehenge 2 is the probably the most popular tourist attraction.

It’s pretty darn cool! It’s not has high or wide as the real Stonehenge, but it’s impressive nonetheless. And unlike the real Stonehenge, there is no fence around it and no parking lot jammed with tour buses. You just walk right up to it — free admission.

Sam Hill’s Stonehenge in Washington state, overlooking the Columbia River, is better — the same size as the real deal, nice setting. It might be the real Stonehenge 2, which could make the Ingram Stonehenge actually number 3 or 4, or 5. But, really, does anybody care?

Stonehenge 2 being installed at its present location.

Stonehenge 2 started at the ranch of Al Sheppard. His buddy, Doug Hill, had a big limestone slab he stood upright on Sheppard’s pasture. Both liked it; it reminded them of Stonehenge. So, what the heck, they went ahead and got some steel, metal lathe and plaster and built their very own monument. Nine months later it was finished. Sheppard added a couple of Moai statues, too, so no need to visit Easter Island to see one of those.

Al Sheppard died in 1994. In 2010 his family donated Stonehenge 2 to the Hills Country Arts Foundation. A fundraising campaign paid to have it moved to where it remains today, in the city’s park. Ingram is near San Antonio, in case you were wondering.


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.


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Steve Willey
5 years ago

We live within a few hundred miles from the Sam Hill’s stonehenge replica in the Columbia Gorge (Rt 14 Washington side). My wife maintains that the sign there which she has carefully read many times, says it is a 3/4 scale replica, not full size as original as stated above.

5 years ago

Not far from Natural Bridge, VA there is “Foam Henge”

5 years ago

There is also a Stonehenge at the community college in Odessa, Texas.

Tom Gutzke
5 years ago

If memory serves me correctly there’s “Carhendg” in Nebraska. Old cars are buried in a pattern just like Stonehenge,t

Tom Gutzke
5 years ago
Reply to  Tom Gutzke

Typing error – “Carhenge” is what I meant to say.

Sheridan J Ball
5 years ago
Reply to  Tom Gutzke

Have seen Carhenge in Nebraska. Very amusing.

jack kenny
5 years ago

Chuck! Full time,two motor homes and over 300,000 miles and in the OLD days of camping since early 60s, never had a fire. Ice box to propain. J&J Kenny

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