Stop throwing money away on throwaway propane canisters


By Bob Difley

Stop buying those expensive LP gas canisters to fire up your gas barbecue. Not only is it a spendy proposition, it’s a major hassle running out halfway through cooking the Easter ham. Here’s an adaption just for you.

The heart and soul of the matter is an adapter that allows you to tie onto a standard LP cylinder, then route the LP to your barbecue regulator/gas control via a hose. There are two approaches: The inexpensive approach ties directly to a freestanding LP cylinder. Add more money and a different adapter, a “T” style, allows you to tie onto the LP cylinder on your rig — drawing gas for both the rig and the barbecue, simultaneously.

The cost of propane used will be cheaper than the canisters, and with the quick connect fitting it can be hooked up in seconds. You can leave it connected while you are camped and only need to pack it away when you move on.

Since I now barbecue right next to my rig, I installed two bookshelf brackets above my propane tank so when I cook, I slip the extensions into the brackets and place a shelf on top. Voila! A place for holding utensils, tools, condiments, barbecue sauce, etc., right at hand.

Check out this simple, no frills adapter here. Or go the extra mile for the “T” style adapter.

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