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Studio F. A. Porsche designers envision new Airstream trailer

Airstream, Inc., unveiled on Thursday a concept travel trailer developed in partnership with legendary design firm Studio F. A. Porsche. Its team was charged with envisioning a next-generation Airstream trailer that incorporated elements from the design playbooks of both brands.

The project resulted in a conceptual evolution to Airstream’s iconic riveted aluminum look unlike any previous design. Among the concept’s many ideas, the design addresses changing demographics in the RV market by utilizing a pop-up roof for additional interior headroom and a lowering suspension that allows it to fit in a standard residential garage.

“Our collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche brought talented new eyes and minds to our never-ending process of improving the Airstream experience,” said Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler. “It’s a fresh design approach aimed at reaching a broader, more diverse base of potential customers.”

The concept design integrates many advances in aerodynamics, including a new rear shape that’s intended to improve air flow while in motion, a flush underside with reduced drag-creating projections, the first-ever lowering suspension in an Airstream travel trailer, and its first-ever insulated pop-up roof.

Essential systems are incorporated inside the concept’s chassis and interior, resulting in a sleek exterior to reduce aerodynamic drag. The ducted air conditioning, a prominent feature of many RV rooftops, is located above the concept’s floor. Several systems are tucked inside the 10-inch-deep space below the floor, including the hot water and heating components, spare wheel, holding tanks, and the lithium battery.

Small imprint

As conceived, this small-footprint concept travel trailer is intended to have improved aerodynamic characteristics from other Airstream travel trailers currently in production. These improved aerodynamic characteristics were validated by a third-party aerodynamics research firm.

The improved aerodynamic performance is a result of the low ride height made possible by the pop-up roof design, lowering suspension, fewer rooftop protrusions, a smaller frontal area as compared to other Airstream travel trailers currently in production, and lighter weight from composite materials like carbon fiber. One intended result of these design modifications is a better towing experience optimized for towing with electric vehicles (EVs).

Modern interior

The concept is the first “garageable” Airstream design in the company’s 90-year history. Working in tandem, the pop-up roof reduces overhead clearance while the adjustable suspension in the chassis allows the trailer’s body to be lowered. This capability makes ownership much easier for a broader range of customers. Building on the current popularity of the rear hatch option in select Airstream travel trailers, the concept trailer’s redesigned rear hatch features a new two-piece design, with a hinge-up hatch and a drop-down tailgate. Awnings can be attached to the hatch to create a shady place to relax.

The concept travel trailer features a floor plan that includes a rear seating area that transforms from dining to working to relaxing space. The versatile seating area quickly converts from dinette seating to a large 82” x 61” sleeping area. Reclining seat options allow owners to enjoy the views through the open hatch.

The wet bath, incorporated into the front roadside corner, features a door that creates an enclosed, private area and swings freely to hide the toilet when it’s not in use. This clever design opens up more space in the adjacent galley, where a hinge-up counter extends in front of the main entry door to expand the available counterspace. The design elements create a sizable L-shaped workspace that rivals what’s found in many larger travel trailers.

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9 days ago

I really like this. Rear hatch is a terrific feature and the interior, including the head and galley are more representative of the compact living quarters of a similar sized boat. This is perfect for the trust fund demo that probably already own a half million dollar boat. Seems like a pretty small market of lifestyle camper. Could a Jag pull it?

9 days ago

I like it! I love the large “toy hauler” hatch. It looks to have a lot in common with the Airstream Basecamp which I understand has become one of their best sellers. This trailer offers some improvements in ease of towing and it can be stored in your garage. I suspect it could be another hit. It would certainly be high on my list if the price is not prohibitive.

martin a
10 days ago

Airstream bought the Nest, made it unaffordable then dropped it when it didn’t sell, this one will probably be more expensive.

Neal Davis
10 days ago

Sounds neat. I expect many youngsters will gravitate to this new design. It has no appeal to me, but I am far too old to be part of their target audience.

Tommy Molnar
10 days ago

Porsche and Airstream? This will be affordable . . .

Neal Davis
10 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

🤔😲😄😉😎 I completely agree.

Bill Byerly
10 days ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

I agree with you too!

9 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

If the younger generation can afford the monthly payments they will buy to tow behind their Porsche. Maybe they will go to 30 year loans.

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