Do you plan to vote on Tuesday?


The Nov. 6 vote is critical for Americans. The balance of power in the House of Representatives is at stake, as well as the futures of both Senate incumbents and their challengers.

Do you plan to vote? Please only respond if you are a U.S. citizen.

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I remember my first primary election. I freaked out when I saw this big mechanical box and told you go in pull a a few levers and done. I saw all those levers and freaked out because I had no idea what I was doing. I left in a panic. They called my mother who in turn told me to come back and they will walk me thru the process. I did in November but could not handle that curtain. Eventually I moved to a place where there was cubicles. Happy camper for that. I have voted in every election. Now that ours is voting age we all go as a family to vote. Now waiting on the family to get home to go do our civic duty.


Maybe you don’t know why people don’t vote. I for one don’t for personal security reasons. Your personal information is disseminated to ANYONE that wants to know it when you sign up to vote. I will vote when that information becomes private. Ignorance is in the eye of the beholder.


Being a full time RVer, my state of domicile allows me to vote via absentee ballot in the presidential election only. I’m not permitted to vote for local legislators. If it were allowed then of course I would.


I have voted in every election, forever. Just turned 70 so I figure I have another 30 years of voting left.

Paul Enns

Yes. I live in Washington State, one of the three states that conduct all elections by mail. A ballot is automatically mailed to every registered voter in advance of Election Day, and traditional in-person voting precincts are not available. The other two are Colorado and Oregon. A ballot is automatically mailed to every eligible voter (no request or application is necessary). Washington is the only State, so far, that has postage-paid all ballot envelopes.


The State of Washington wants to make it as easy as possible for EVERYONE to vote so everyone gets a ballot mailed to them and the return postage is prepaid! No excuse to not vote.

Kevin in MN

Good lord, the vitriol here is nauseating. I remember when we valued leaders like Hubert Humphrey who told us “compassion is not welfare, concern for others is not socialism”. Our generation is the only one who has left the country worse than what we inherited. We will not be missed.

Wayne Caldwell

Yes, but also with the caveat that we voted early — last week.

Bob p

We left TN on the 1st of Oct, our absentee ballot arrived in the mail about 30 minutes before we left. When we arrived in TX one of the first things we did after setting up was fill out our ballots and put them in the mail. Our attitude about non voters is if you don’t vote, crawl back under your rock you live under and remain hidden for another 2 years as we don’t want to see or hear from you. If you don’t contribute to society you are a leach on society. That’s right, there’s not a politically correct bone in my body, I call them as I see them. As far as I’m concerned if you’re not going to vote then move to a country where you can’t vote. Then you can wish to yourself you were back here to vote.


Already voted early


I can’t believe 4 percent of this POLL are not voting!

As the saying goes, “They GET WHAT THEY DESERVE”!


I said yes but we already voted early in Georgia.