Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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What model year is your RV?

What model year RV do you own? Maybe you own an old vintage trailer, or maybe you just bought a brand new 2021 model...

I’ve been bitten by the RV bug. Did it happen to you once too?

By Keith Ward I’ve been bitten by the RV bug. And, like so many of you, it happened for one reason: I’m starting to lose my...

Zero to 60 mph in three seconds? Is a Hummer your next truck?

By James Raia With the country's continued increase in truck sales and electric vehicles, several mainstream manufacturers are combining both components of the automotive industry...

We did the one thing we never thought we’d do…

By Nanci Dixon We did the thing we NEVER, EVER thought we would do – buy an RV online AND buy it new. Boy, was...

The future of van life is here, and we like what we see

If you're wondering where I've gone (staff writer Emily here), I'm in Germany harassing Hymer to actually build this thing. I'm kidding, though I...

Cross an Airstream with a submarine: Eriba Touring 820 trailer

By Russ and Tiña De Maris It may be the Airstream trailer of the European continent – the Eriba line has been in the marketplace...