Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Be careful where you put your satellite dish or this can happen

By Gail Marsh Many RVers invest in a television satellite dish. It’s nice to have reliable TV wherever and whenever you want to tune in...

Try this easy DIY trick to trap fruit flies (watch the video, it works!)

By Nanci Dixon It is fruit fly season here in Minnesota and boy, they are everywhere! They particularly seem to enjoy bananas (well, all fruit...

Deer flies a problem? Try this easy trick

By Nanci Dixon Deer flies ... an RVer's enemy! Deer flies can be unbelievably irritating at times. So bad you just really, really want to...
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What works when your housey is lousy with mousies?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris It all started with a letter from Don Callahan, a long-time RVtravel.com reader. Here’s Don’s missive: “I read in...

Most RVers report this rodent repellent works

By Bob Difley Keeping mice out of rigs is a constant challenge to many RVers. Since we camp out in the wilder areas where wildlife...