Sunday, April 18, 2021
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We got into an accident. Here’s what we learned that may help you

By Gail Marsh Two days. Just two days until we’d be heading back north after several months in sunny, warm Florida. Two days. I was...
Some 2020 luxury trucks cost more than $90,00 and cost about the same to insure as the avage 2020 car.

Luxury trucks cost about the same as the average car to insure

By James Raia Some fully equipped 2020 luxury trucks cost more than $90,000. The top five most expensive new trucks this year cost about the...
The 2020 GMC Canyon 4-door extended cab is the least expensive truck to insure.

Surprise! Many trucks cost less to insure than cars

By James Raia Trucks are bigger and more versatile, and are often required to drive in more difficult terrain and more severe conditions than cars....