Friday, September 24, 2021
Friday, September 24, 2021

Futuristic padlocks use your fingerprint to unlock

Padlocks have long been used to secure valuable items, but remembering the combination or where the key is can be a hassle. Fingerprints have replaced passwords for electronic devices and are now replacing combinations and keys. The “Tapplock one” is the world’s first smart fingerprint padlock. It can unlock in 0.8 seconds with no effort compared to a traditional combination lock that can take up to 15 seconds, or several minutes if the combination is forgotten, to open.

Everyone has had the frustrating experience of spinning the dial of a lock in an endless circle blocked out of a locker, shed or storage space. Featuring a state-of-the-art capacitive fingerprint sensor, the Tapplock one has an adaptive algorithm that allows the lock to become faster and more accurate with each use. It can store up to 500 fingerprints to allow multiple users to access the lock. And, lock owners can use the Tapplock app to track who opened the lock and when, or to grant mobile access via a remote unlock feature.

The rugged Tapplock one is crafted from Zamak 3 zinc alloy metal and features a cut-resistant 7 mm reinforced stainless steel shackle, strengthened by double-layered lock design with anti-shim and anti-pry technologies. The smart padlock is rated IP66, meaning it is water resistant when the lock is closed, and is fully functional between 14 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for locking up a gate, shed, generator and bike. Tapplock one’s battery lasts up to a year on a single two-hour charge, which equates to around 3,000 unlocks per charge, and users can check the remaining power using the Tapplock app.

Tapplock is a 2018 CES® Innovation Award Honoree recipient, named as one of “Canadian’s Top 15 Startups” by Metabridge, and featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den (Canadian version of Shark Tank). You can learn more or purchase the smart padlock on the Tapplock website.

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3 years ago

this is a fail. as batteries fail all the time.
and it is possible to “fake” a finger print to open these locks.
almost every lock made can be by-passed. some easier than one can believe. others need a bit of work.

Vanessa A Simmons
3 years ago

Saw a review of this by a lock collector. He loved it until he took a magnet to the back of the lock and it fell apart in his hand.

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