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Telescoping ladder reaches 12.5 feet, compresses for storage


A ladder is an item most RVers find useful – and not just the one installed on the rear of most RVs. A ladder that can be moved around to wash windows, inspect the perimeter of roofs, and anything else that involves the top of an RV without having to crawl along a roof 12 feet or more above the ground is not only convenient but sometimes necessary. But ladders are cumbersome and bulky and usually invoke problems in where – and how – to store them. 

The WolfWise 12.5 ft. telescoping extension ladder could solve that problem with a unique way to compress it into an easily portable and compact storage solution. 

Independent Locking
The telescoping ladder features a total of 12 steps, with separate locking buttons on the rungs 2 to 11. The independent locks allow the user to adjust the height of the ladder to fit specific needs.

Foolproof Operation
Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom when folding the telescoping ladder. This will help avoid pinching your fingers in the process. Use your thumbs to unlock both lock buttons simultaneously, or one-by-one while the upper sections drop down.

• SAFETY: Every section is designed to open and close safely, without injuring fingers. Non-slip end caps hold it firmly in place while you work, further enhancing its overall safety.
• GREAT APPLICABILITY: Unlock each section in 1-foot increments independently to tailor the ladder height to satisfy your needs.
• STURDY MATERIAL: Constructed of corrosion-resistant quality aluminum alloy, this lightweight aluminum ladder can support up to 330 lbs.
• EASY PORTABILITY: At its full length of 12.5 feet, this telescoping ladder retracts to a quarter of its height for easy storage in your car or RV’s lockers.
• CONVENIENT DESIGN: Secure the ladder closed with the heavy-duty strap for convenient storage and transport.

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