Friday, March 24, 2023


The Badger who got a whole lot of sh*t!

Here’s a story from a reader named Jerry about a Badger that picked the wrong place to dig a hole. Jerry wrote:

My parents, who were South Dakota ranchers, often took the family to the Missouri River on weekends with their motorhome. It seemed like we had a Badger who kept coming close to the ranch and would dig big holes close to the yard. One time when we came home after a long weekend my father saw that a Badger had dug a huge hole about 100 yards from the house.

Instead of dumping the camper sewer into the septic tank he suggested we try to get rid of the Badger and at the same time have some fun. You guessed the rest of the story! Dad drove the motorhome out into the pasture and stuck the sewer hose into the badger hole.

I have never seen such an ugly and mad Badger in my life as he exited the hole. He headed west and never returned! Problem solved! My father and I laughed for many years about our dumping the camper into a Badger hole.


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Dave r
3 years ago

Interesting reading the comments on here. I wonder if any of you have ever been to India? There was a POOP RIVER flowing openly next to my “4 star” hotel. 1st world problems.

Thomas Becher
3 years ago

Guess Steve never heard of an outhouse. Not the concrete lined one’s of today but those of yesteryear. Dug by hand ( no backhoes in those days) and sprinkled with lime when odor got too bad. Surprisingly the world did not come to an end.

3 years ago
Reply to  Thomas Becher

No that would definitely end the world we are used to today. Who would ever do that?

3 years ago
Reply to  steve

Ad the carbon footprint. OMG.

3 years ago

That is so bad for the environment, you should be ashamed. Global warming just got extended 100,000 more years, thanks for that.

Don Kostyal
3 years ago
Reply to  steve

Back then it is very possible the only stuff in the “tank” was all biodegradable. Lot’s of people used Ridex (natural enzymes) to help digest the waste. Unless there was some specific chemical that is not safe, don’t assume and criticize for the sake of making your unqualified and crazy remark. If you read todays news (MSN) you’ll know scientists say the sun has a few hundred billion years left before it burns out and temp on the earth will THEN rise to about 146 degrees. I just guessing that will have it all figured out by then….

3 years ago

Like it what a story.

Bob Godfrey
3 years ago

I would deem that a “natural” cure to the problem!

Michael L Logan Retired USDA Inspector
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob Godfrey

Until the 50’s, when people could afford indoor plumbing, there were outhouses. I have used them and studied how they should be built for safe environment use.

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