Sunday, October 2, 2022


The scenic, glorious Northwest

By Chuck Woodbury

I’m home. It’s Wednesday morning at about 10 a.m., I glanced out my living room window an hour ago and this is what I saw.

That’s Mount Baker in the distance, the northernmost Cascade volcano in the Western USA. From the photo it looks like I live in a forest, which is partially true, but, well, not really. Beneath most of the trees are homes. The telephoto lens compresses everything. Yet, from my perch atop a hill here in Edmonds, Wash., the scene looks pretty much like what you see here.

If you have not visited the Northwest with your RV, consider doing so. There are campgrounds everywhere including many in National Forests, National Parks and in gorgeous state parks, some right by the ocean. I especially love those along the Oregon coast, most of which are open all year.

Beneath that gorgeous mountain in the photo you will find dozens of beautiful campgrounds, many in a dense pine forest or by lakes in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. U.S. Highway 20 leaves the ocean near Anacortes heading east, passes near Mount Baker, and then continues through magnificent North Cascade National Park where the road is closed in the winter because of heavy snow. There are dozens of campgrounds on or near the route. Really, for RVers and all other campers, it’s paradise.

Although most RVers prefer to camp in the Northwest in the summer, some, me included, enjoy doing so as well during the off-season. I love camping with my motorhome in an Oregon State Park right on the beach even in the dead of winter. You’ll likely need to put up with wind and rain, but the air is sweet, crisp and as pure as you will find. If you crave solitude, a walk on the beach either alone or with your special someone will soothe your soul and refresh your spirits.

Every region of the USA and Canada has its unique beauty. But here in the Northwest, with the beautiful mountains, forests and coastline, it’s special — and for the most part, very accessible.


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