This may be the biggest travel trailer you’ll ever see!


Now here’s an RV with room to roam, not just on the roads but inside the RV! We posted this photo 10 years ago, but somehow the page disappeared — until now, that is. reader Jim Warren spotted this huge travel trailer at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Port Townsend, Washington. Unfortunately, he did not furnish any photos of the interior.

Now that the circulation of RV Travel is much larger, maybe the owner will spot this and send some photos.

Chances are you won’t come across a trailer, motorhome or other RV bigger than this one!

Oh, one observation: This “rig” better stay away from low bridges or tunnels! And check out the clearance on the bottom. Not much there!

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Roger Dickinson

The trailer may have air suspension and it may have dumped the bags hence sitting so low.

millard fillmore

This looks to be photoshopped. Ground clearance while towing? I don’t think so…..

Brian Ewing

This rig was/is owned by John and Rebecca Pooley. John at the time worked for Belina Interiors in Tacoma Washington, which does yacht interiors and built this rig from the ground up. The upper cupola area slides down for travel. I believe they now live in Kentucky. Fun fact: at the time they lived in Eatonville Wa, they had 10 children all living with them, two boys slept in the truck sleeper everyone else in the RV.

David McMullin

Wow, I thanks that’s the nicest 5th-wheel I’ve ever seen.

Tim S

I also forgot to list Spacecraft that manufactures large RV “travel trailers” and 5th wheels. This is the company that constructed the Ultimate RV Kitchen listed in my prior post.

Tim S

This might be a large RV, but I think that you will find this one that celebrity Will Smith owns even larger. Link: It is 1,200-square-feet with a second story,

Also, a few months ago, this one pulled up next to us in an RV park. We got to tour the inside. The gourmet kitchen at the front of the travel trailer was huge. Link:

Here is the website to the company that built Will Smith’s “travel trailer.”




I’m guessing there is another center section horizontal slide on the opposite side as well. The lower side panels of the top section would have to fold in to allow the top section to come down to make “normal” 14’ vertical clearance, sides would have to tuck in to max 8.5’ and shrink nose to tail to make 53’ max length requirements. That would pose some interesting weatherproofing challenges. 😳

Sherri Eley

As RVs get larger and larger I cant help but think. We are just putting our stuff on wheels. The whole point of RVing for me is to free oneself from the house full of stuff at home. And enjoy some time unencumbered by the tasks that we must do to maintain that “stuff “


I’m surprised we haven’t seen a custom tractor/trailer RV. A think a trailer box would be an ideal platform to build upon.

JJ h

This is obviously a custom made project. The arched front slide-out, among several other things, shows real craftsmanship.


I think the second floor slides down, also I imagine he has air bags to lift trailer when rolling.

Radio Dave

I’d say the tallest portion looks like it’s a “pop-up” room. Thereby good for the highway when lowered. All in all, quite the job. The builder is certainly to be complimented.


This looks more like one of the current fad of tiny houses.
Travel Trailer no, fifth wheel yes.
It appears to have solar panels on the roof and the center raised section also go down for transport. Also the back wall may retract (look at the gap in the lower skirting). Having been seen at a fair I would suspect that it belongs to a fair circuit working family. Also of interest is the picnic table painted to match the trailer. We rely on the campground to have a picnic table or we just do without. I would hate to have to load and unload that every time I set up camp.

Janice J Clements

Sure would like to see the inside of this RV.


U need to post some photos of the inside I’m dying to c it all of it

Deborah Butler

I think that section that people think would keep it from clearing under bridges slides down. Or at least it looks like it would

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY

If that trailer is built the way I think it is, that TOP DORMER SECTION is a raised section and when traveling it drops down to form a single lower level roof the height of the main roof. Also, not only does the side slide aft of the entry door pull in, but I would bet that the rear of this trailer is on air bags and is lowered in this picture for leveling. Some one has a lot of imagination as well as the time and resources to built a unique trailer.

Roy Frazier

Looks to me like the top slides up/down to fix height issue.

Nanci Dixon

Looks like the top is a slide down to allow for clearance. Hoping someone sends in some interior photos.

Donald Wright

Any photographs of double decker buses converted to motor homes? How about the city transit buses with the flexible material between the front and rear sections? Naturally all the trees in the campground will have to be cut down so these monsters can visit.