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The most luxurious off-road RV? Touring the Palomino Pause XC20.2

J.D. from Big Truck Big RV is here to showcase a groundbreaking off-road RV. It may look like a travel trailer, but it is unlike any other you have seen and J.D. thinks it just might be the perfect off-road RV!

In the video below he teams up with Shane from ROA Off-Road Experience Center to tour this unusual trailer, built by a company most people do not associate with off-roading, Palomino.

At its core, this is a “smart trailer.”

What does that mean? Most everything on or in it can be run from your tablet or phone via an app.

For an old-schooler like me, this is anything but a selling point. Nonetheless, carrying on…

Everything on the Palomino Pause XC20.2 is automatic, including the leveling system and the MORyde independent air ride suspension system. This system can provide HUGE ground clearance for navigating around rough terrain or obstacles like boulders. Watch the video to see it in action.

The company didn’t skimp on anything in their attempts to create a truly rugged off-road RV that will take a beating and still keep on trucking down the (rough) road. Roughing it was NEVER so luxurious!

Also of note according to the video, this is a 100% American-made RV, including all the materials and components.

Other exterior features include:

  • Well-insulated aluminum composite construction similar to what’s used in semi-trucks
  • All-aluminum bolted together (as opposed to welded) frame
  • Two 30-pound propane tanks contained in a double-layered cabinet
  • Truma outside refrigerator that slides out from a possum belly
  • Full outside kitchen with lots of storage
  • Outside shower
  • On-demand water heater
  • Dual-paned flat polycarbonate windows
  • Built-in air compressor
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Goodyear Wrangler tires
  • Rear storage closet with 1080 amps of Battle Born lithium batteries in a Victron Energy system
  • 1,200 watts solar panels
  • Thule legless awning with wind sensor
  • Lots of storage
  • Keyless door entry

That’s just the OUTSIDE. Inside this off-road RV is equally impressive.

Interior features include:

  • Charging station
  • Indoor fridge
  • Induction cooktop
  • Soft-close aluminum cabinets and drawers
  • Queen-sized bed
  • Sunroof
  • Hidden gun safe
  • Truma 13,000 BTU air conditioner, which is 30% more efficient than standard RV air conditioners
  • Dirt Devil built-in vacuum cleaner
  • Stylish yet functional bathroom with 3D printed walls and an astonishingly LARGE shower and a porcelain flush toilet

What’s the downside of this off-road RV?

At 7,800 pounds, it’s not light. You will need at least a 3/4 ton truck to pull it.

The size and weight also need to be considered for off-road capabilities. This rig might not get EVERYWHERE a smaller, lighter rig might, but it will get to most places you’ll want to go. What it lacks in versatility, it more than makes up for in comfort.

What does the Palomino PAUSE XC20.2 cost? Base models start at about $153K. Fully outfitted you are looking at about $163K.

Watch the video for an in-depth tour.


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.


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Tommy Molnar
26 days ago

This is over-the-top cool! Great for a single guy who goes hunting or fishing in the outback. Whie I was oooing and ahhhing at all this cool stuff, wifey was assuring me this was NOT going to be our next trailer. 🙂 We’re used to our 30′ and La-Z-Boy chairs. Oh well . . .

Steve H
26 days ago

Actually, I do associate Palomino with off-roading. They have been making truck campers for years.

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