Friday, December 2, 2022


Train slams stalled motorhome on track. See the impact


A Metrolink train traveling through Santa Fe Springs, Calif., early Friday morning slammed into a class C motorhome that had stalled on the tracks. The RV immediately caught on fire. The flames charred a rail car on a freight locomotive on a parallel track and destroyed the RV.

The commuter train braked before the impact, but could not stop in time. Four people were seen jumping from the RV before it was hit. The female driver escaped on foot and is wanted by police and could face hit and run charges. Nobody was seriously hurt on the passenger train.

This news report from KCAL-TV explains more and shows the actual moment of impact.

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3 years ago

It certainly appears to the untrained eye, that the RV driver was attempting to go around the lowered crossing arms (NEVER a good idea), with highly predictable results.
Lesson #1, Don’t go around the crossing guard arms, it seldom ends well, especially for larger, longer vehicles.
Corollary to Lesson #1, don’t try to beat the train to an unguarded crossing, it can’t stop in time and, it seldom ends well.
Lesson #2, Perhaps not as obvious, but very important; always, always, always file a Release of Liability with DMV whenever you get rid of any motor vehicle or trailer licensed through DMV. Do this yourself. Every time. Otherwise you can find yourself liable for unpaid parking tickets, campground fees, towing expenses, etc.

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