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Truck add-ons: The good, the bad, the ugly

We bought our current truck from a private individual (friend of a friend). The previous owner of our truck (F-350 dually) had equipped it with several “add-ons” – after-market features that he obviously purchased to make the truck a better “fit” for how he planned to use it.

The good truck add-ons

We absolutely love the auxiliary diesel fuel tank. This add-on feature has enabled us to travel farther, in places we may not have ventured, even when fuel stations were few and far between. This add-on fuel tank has given us peace of mind knowing that we have all the fuel we need to keep movin’ forward.

The bad

Two words: Air. Horn. While my hubby loves it (especially when bringing the grandkids home from school), I’d much rather have a more normal sounding horn. I worry that our loud, obnoxious horn will startle another driver into making a mistake in our direction. Yipes!

The ugly

The previous owners of our truck used lots of Gorilla glue to affix add-on arm rests to the original ones from the factory. Lots. Of. Glue. Hubby doesn’t mind, but I’m trying to find a way to safely and completely remove the add-on arm rests and the glue. Ugh!

How about you? Any truck add-ons you’d like?

Any “add-ons” that you wished were available? Go ahead and dream!

What “add-ons” would you like to get someday or have already purchased for your truck?

Are there after-market products that you’d never consider putting on your truck?

Share your answers and thoughts with us in the comments below, please!


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Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.



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GWM (@guest_141017)
2 years ago

Sure a strange looking F-350 dually in that picture! At least get a file copy of the correct model. Don’t have a picture of your truck?

Gary Byler (@guest_140817)
2 years ago

We added a 116 gallon auxiliary fuel tank to our F-350 crew cab, long bed in the front of our bed and a toolbox/aux storage just inside tailgate with the 5th wheel hitch in between. Best thing we ever did. Removed all worries while pulling our 5th wheel wherever.

Donald N Wright (@guest_140669)
2 years ago

I would like to trade the MPH over seventy for more MPG at normal speeds.

Denise (@guest_140415)
2 years ago

I have updated my 1500 Silverado and 2500 Ram audio system that includes backup cameras and a front view camera on the ram. I really like the upfitter switches that have been mentioned here for the Ram since it is our TV.

Joe (@guest_140411)
2 years ago

Gail, my motorhome has a factory switch installed that selects city horn from air horn. Maybe you can convince hubby to install one, just another add on to make it a better fit!

Gail (@guest_140774)
2 years ago
Reply to  Joe

That’s a great idea! Thanks!

Irv (@guest_140397)
2 years ago

A problem with add-ons is that some add significant weight to the truck reducing the cargo capacity. (Listed on the door sticker.)

Especially for one-ton trucks the cargo capacity is the limiting factor for how much trailer you can safely tow.

Drew (@guest_140361)
2 years ago

Although I’ve had trucks in the past I probably won’t have another. I’ll say that I think Ram had a great thing when I saw the “Ram Box”. A built in tool/storage box on the bed rail. Not all models have them but I thought it was a great idea. I really hate adding tool boxes to a truck. They always look “added-on” and many bed boxes are hard to access.

Donn (@guest_140334)
2 years ago

Trifold tonneau. Gooseneck ball for Goosebox. Pedal Monster for fun and drivability unhitched. 2021 Denali Duramax. Program it punch the button and steer. Most wonderful truck ever owned and fourth DMax

Luke (@guest_140329)
2 years ago

Been adding a few add-ons to our ’17 Ford F-350 since we got it. Started with a folding bed cover that is real handy when towing our 5th Wheel. Found that the 35 gallon fuel tank was small especially when towing, so replaced that with a 60 gallon tank that was a perfect fit. Finally, added a Ranch Hand brush guard which I’m very happy with. What’s next? Always looking to personalize my rig…

Impavid (@guest_140314)
2 years ago

To meet my needs (and wants), to my F350 dually diesel long box crew cab 4X4, I added air bags, diamond plate tool box, 5th wheel hitch for my 40 ft Big Horn, roll up tonneau cover, air horn, fog lights, driving lights, Scan Gauge & CB radio.

Edd (@guest_140290)
2 years ago

I have a 2017 Ford F250 gas extended cab long bed ford, with a truck cap. I would love to get a larger fuel tank. I cannot use an auxiliary tank because of the topper. Apparently this is one of the few Ford trucks that they don’t make a larger fuel tank for. I have even called other fuel tank manufacturers with no luck.

Wayne (@guest_140387)
2 years ago
Reply to  Edd

Edd yes you can get a tank that is lower that your box. I have used “Gleaner” combine tanks in several trucks obtained from combine salvage business. They hold 70 imperial gals.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_140289)
2 years ago

I added a Banks iDash Super Gauge, which allows me to monitor every sensor there is on my 2016 F-350. I can also do a manual regen if needed.

Dave Friedl (@guest_140234)
2 years ago

I added a bed cover (great add), a rock/bug deflector, running boards (a must for our RAN 2500) and custom built splash guards (another definite must have to protect the truck).

John Goodell (@guest_140193)
2 years ago

I added a very large tool box that fits under the side rails, allowing me to close the tonneau cover when I am not towing my 5th wheel. I wired the ‘upfitter’ switches on my F-350 for my accessories (GPS, TPMS, and trailer backup camera display) so that they are off when the engine is off, and switchable when I want them on (ask me why this is important). I also added a waterproof ammunition box near the back for diesel fuel additive containers, and additional tie down hooks. I also made a rough frame from pressure treated 2×4’s to keep my 2″x12″x24″ planks and extra tire from sliding around the cargo bed.

Last edited 2 years ago by John Goodell
Gail (@guest_140775)
2 years ago
Reply to  John Goodell

Ok, I’m asking! I’ve got an idea, but why is it important that they are switchable?

Duane R (@guest_140882)
2 years ago
Reply to  Gail

My guess is that he left them on, and killed his battery.

Ran (@guest_140186)
2 years ago

Have you tried “Goof-Off” to remove the glue used for those areas? I’ve used it to remove glue on many items with pretty good success.

Bruce G (@guest_140179)
2 years ago

Swapped out our 32 gal diesel fuel tank for a 55 gal tank on our 3500 dually for pulling our 39′ 5-ver. Yes, we too have totally enjoyed the peace of mind it has brought us as we travel through places where fuel is not readily available, or being able to travel further down the road to find less expensive fuel. Best change I ever made!

Second-best is the toolbox just behind the cab. Allows me to have what I need in a handy location!

Last edited 2 years ago by Bruce G
Don (@guest_140174)
2 years ago

I have air bags added to my suspension as I tow a 41 ft 5th wheel. And I love the back flip bed cover.

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