Thursday, November 30, 2023


E-truck towing experiment ends in failure

Which fares best in a towing contest — a gas-powered or electric-powered truck towing identical travel trailers? This test, documented in a 22-minute YouTube video, pitted a Ford F-150 Lightning against a GMC Denali Ultimate Edition with a 6.2-liter V-8 gas engine.

We’ll save you a little guessing about the outcome by saying the electric vehicle performed miserably, needing to stop to recharge its battery 85 miles earlier than expected. To make matters worse, the only charging station, a Target Store, only accommodated a single vehicle, not one towing something behind it, which would require a pull-through outlet.

The conclusion: An electric truck, at least the one in this test, is not ready for prime-time towing yet. So stick with your present gas- or diesel-powered vehicle and give the EV industry some time to evolve.


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SDW (@guest_196047)
1 year ago

Hey guys I could have told you that without having to go through all that inconvenience 🙂 On top of that EV will never be able to tow 5th wheels.
Since they weigh up to 3x the weight of that little trailer. But don’t worry EVs are a fad. We’ll run out of rare earth metals for batteries long before they can solve this problem.
I do have a question though. Where are people who buy EVs that live in apts. charge those EVs, since apt. complexes don’t have the 200 or 300 charger it will require to have one per apt. Only people who live in houses can charge their EVs.

Johann (@guest_193981)
1 year ago

I have a Rivian R1T and have considered buying a trailer prior to my EV, but now will not buy anything to tow unless I plan on staying within the capabilities of the diminished range.

100% of EV charging stations, especially superchargers from Electrify America are squeezed into parking lots with tiny footprints barely fitting my truck and I have never come across a drive-through charging station that accommodates towing. (in CA at least)
You would have to unhook your trailer to charge every time. And since these stations are mostly in the full parking lots of shopping malls you would have to leave your trailer somewhere offsite which is a no-go in an unfamiliar city.

SDW (@guest_196050)
1 year ago
Reply to  Johann

Your right Johann, you should stick to tent camping. I tent camp for 44 years. Of course now that I’m old I don’t want to tent camp. So I pull a 5th wheel with a 22 Silverado Duramax . And being 74, this will be my last vehicle anyway.

Snayte (@guest_193953)
1 year ago

I hear Cummins is working on a hydrogen powered engine. I would like to hear more about that.

LionRampant (@guest_193986)
1 year ago
Reply to  Snayte

Years ago, when I worked as an IT specialist for the Air Resources Board (ARB), there was a project that was working on this very idea. It was called the Fuel Cell Partnership and was a joint effort of Toyota, BMW, and the ARB. It’s still ongoing today, some 20 years later. The great thing about hydrogen powered vehicles is that the exhaust is essentially water vapor (H2O).

Joe (@guest_193782)
1 year ago

There is no doubt that EV vehicles are here to stay but they have a long way to go before I would think about purchasing one. Currently the infrastructure is lacking to charge these vehicles fast. I remember my first computer with dialup internet connection, it would take long while to get the site loaded, I believe he was at a fast charger, people do not want to wait 45 minutes. Currently in our area if you take a loan out on an EV it is being suggested by the dealership that you included the price to install a level 2 charger at your home. This brings another issue is how are people going to charge an EV when they only have on street parking. A friend of mine lives in a condo with parking in front of his door decided against an EV due to the cost of putting a charging station in and also the homeowners association would not allow a cord to stretch across the walkway and the Assocation does not want to get into providing pay charging stations in multiple parts of the complex.

SDW (@guest_196051)
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe

I don’t believe EVs are here to stay Joe. We’ll run out of rare earth metals for batteries if you consider supplying the world population with EVs more than two rounds of cars. Of course if you live in an apt. you can’t have one anyway. The only way would be for every apt complex to put 200 to 300 chargers (1 per apt.) And then again a couple living in an apt. would only be able to charge one EV.

T Edwards (@guest_193646)
1 year ago

It’s been over 100 years of internal combustion engine development to get us were we are today for gas & diesel driven vehicles. Best estimates on known oil reserves predict we’ll run out in less than 60 years. Not all of us are so short sites to support the “never electric” mentality. Our great grandchildren will look back on the development of electric driven vehicles the way we look back on going from horse powered to gas powered transportation. Those that attempt to discredit electric vehicles resound of those that would never switch from their horse drawn wagons. That or they could take up the way of the Amish when fossil fuels are gone. Horse drawn RV’S.

SDW (@guest_196052)
1 year ago
Reply to  T Edwards

Don’t worry T Edwards. your great grand children will be living like they did in “MAD MAX” 🙂
I’ve got a question for you. Where do you think people who live in apts. are going to be able to charge an EV. And If apt complexes put in the 200 to 300 chargers it would take (1 per apt.) how much will that cost and do you think they’ll raise the already sky high rent prices on apts?

B N S (@guest_193617)
1 year ago

This Agenda being forced on citizens will fail… A big No to all EV!

Dave (@guest_193638)
1 year ago
Reply to  B N S

A big yes. It’s very early in the changeover.

Gene (@guest_193648)
1 year ago
Reply to  B N S

You must live in Russia or maybe China. I live in the United States of America. No one has forced me or anyone that I know to purchase an EV. We have the freedom to purchase almost any product we desire in the US as long as we can afford it. I drive a 2020 RAM that tows a 26 ft. RV getting about 11 mpg. I long for the day when Capitalism and the Freemarket economy provides me with the option of purchasing an EV truck, recharged from cheap electricity generated by a Nuclear Fusion reactor. In the US, this and almost anything that we can imagine can come true, but only if we all realize our potential, work together, and stop seeing fictitious agendas and conspiracies behind every tree.

SDW (@guest_196053)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gene

Sorry Gene, but we’ll run out of rare earth metals long before that can happen. 🙂 Think about supplying one round of EVs for the population of the world. And then when that battery is used up, supply a second round of EVs. and a third etc.

Sandra (@guest_193660)
1 year ago
Reply to  B N S

About 120 years ago a man stood on the side of a dirt road and saw a gasoline powered car go by. Gasoline cost money and was almost impossible to locate. A gasoline powered car was very limited in range, could not pull a wagon, and required at least a semblance of a road in order to navigate without breaking down. A horse drawn wagon could essentially travel anywhere and refueled itself on the hoof so-to-speak. The man looked at the noisy contraption and said this will never work. Some agenda forced on us by the government to replace horses just because they poop on the roads. I will never buy one of those contraptions!

John_Brown (@guest_193732)
1 year ago
Reply to  B N S

Oh, this world will go all EV and 5G soon, but, not for the reasons most people think. I started warning about it back in 2008/2010 once I had an inkling of what was going on and why. Go to nicholson1968 and watch “the shape I’m in” and “”GRAPHENE Building the Perfect … black gold project”.

imho, Keep your pre-1994 IDI 7.3L or old school 5.9L Cummings going for as long as possible, especially in a RV type vehicle.

John Deere shutting off tractors stolen by the Russians from the Ukraine dealerships is only a taste of what is to come as far as DRM is concerned.

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