Sunday, October 2, 2022


Amazing time lapse DIY truck camper build

By Cheri Sicard
This video channel is aptly named “Ambition Strikes”—as this DIY truck camper project is nothing if not ambitious. Especially when you consider the short amount of time that went into completing it! Although I suspect there was substantial research time before beginning…

It took a husband and wife team only two-and-a-half months to build the expedition off-road and off-grid “RV of their dreams.”

But you get to watch the whole thing from start to finish in just eleven-and-a-half minutes.

They completed the entire project in their driveway and 2-car garage. They spent a total of $20,000 on materials. Of course, they also did a WHOLE lot of work.

You can tour the finished DIY truck camper at this link to see the details of this off-road RV.

You can also watch detailed videos of the construction of the various parts of the RV as they built it in this playlist.

However, the video below is nice because it lets you see the big picture of what goes into building your own RV.

It can also help you evaluate, in short order, whether or not a project of this magnitude is right for you.

Depending on your personal skill set, I predict the video will evoke one of two responses:

  • Wow! That’s amazing, but that looks hard. I could NEVER do that!


  • Wow! That’s amazing. That doesn’t look so hard. I could definitely do that!

Of course, if you build an entire DIY truck camper from the ground up from scratch, there are going to be some skills required.

In fact, a lot of skills are required. Including knowledge of construction and basic electrical and plumbing. Substantial metalwork was also involved in this particular aluminum-framed truck camper. They even made their own curtains.

However, if you have some or all of those skills, this video makes building your own DIY truck camper seem like an accomplishable endeavor.



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Gerry Brine
1 month ago

WOW. And I assume they are still speaking to each other.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

Absolutely impressive video! And, it looks so simple I think I’ll start working on mine just as soon as I get done reading today’s rvtravel newsletter.

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