Sunday, December 3, 2023


How to use Amazon lockers to get merchandise while RVing

By Cheri Sicard
If you actually travel a lot in your RV, even if you are not a full-timer, the video below will likely benefit you. If you are a full-time RVer, you are definitely going to want to know about this. In it, the Wayward Waggs, a full-time RVing couple, show how you can get Amazon orders on the road and while you are traveling by using Amazon lockers.

The concise video gives an overview of how this service lets you pick up orders most anywhere you travel, even if you can’t get mail sent to where you are staying.

I know this is something I am likely to use a whole lot in the future as I tend to spend months at a time traveling. So I thought some of our consistently wandering readers would like it too.

Dustin and Leslie cover how to order to make sure that your packages arrive where they should when they should. There are a couple of things on the checkout page you need to pay attention to. Most importantly, you will need to change the address to the nearest Amazon locker or Amazon counter. The video demonstrates just how easy it is to find that, wherever you happen to be.

The video also goes into the details of how the Amazon lockers service works in general. In fact, you get to ride along while they go to the locker to pick up the stuff they ordered.

Consumers get three days to pick up merchandise once it is delivered. The Amazon lockers and counters are also super convenient for dropping off returns.

When you arrive at the locker, you have two choices to retrieve the Amazon merchandise you ordered:

  • Scan a bar code on your phone
  • Manually enter a code on the locker

Sometimes the bright sun can interfere with the scan, so it is good to have the manual backup available.

Either of these methods should result in an Amazon locker door swinging open like magic.  Take your merchandise and be on your way. It’s as easy as that to get Amazon orders while on the road!




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Jane (@guest_208072)
1 year ago

I never noticed this option when ordering before, Thanks for sharing this, so simple, but helpful!

Bob p (@guest_208062)
1 year ago

I’ve seen this option on the order page recently but didn’t know what it was, thank you for the video explaining this.

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